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Finally Bags with a UNIVERSAL OUTLET

GoPlug Redefines The Standard For What Bags Should Be

Charge your non USB Tablet
or/and Camera (battery) +++plenty of SOFT space for the equipment
and / or  your Your Surface ( -2 / -Pro / -Pro 2 )

sure you can charge your usb compatible tablets and phones and gadgets many times over and over on the beach / plane / picnic /... with the 2 usb (we already do, with the TYLT  :-) right)

6   days to go
until Wed, May 14 2014 6:12 AM EDT. 

Smart technology needs to be handled in a smart way, and that is just what GoPlug has done. We have taken the most commonly used bags and enabled them to work with your devices to keep you connected and keep your electronics fully charged. The GoPlug baggage set is the world’s best "smart" bag.

The GoPlug baggage set is not just an ordinary set of bags. It contains its own battery pack that allows you to charge your electronic devices, even if you are not near a power outlet.


Backpack and Computer-Bag a few SPECS:

One 360° rotating AC outlet fit large plugs

Two front-facing USB outlets for charging iPhone®, iPod®, smartphones, and E-Readers

Unlimited clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for maximum flexibility

115v, 60Hz  Patent Pending mobile outlet | Maximum output continuous power 80 watts

Rechargeable 12v LiPo battery (weighs 16 ounces)

Eight foot grounded extension cord
and so on.......


    Up to $60 in savings 
    Backpack estimated retail cost = $199
    Carry-on Roller Case estimated retail cost = $289
    GoPlug Camera Backpack estimated retail cost = $389 
    GoPlug Camera Roller Case estimated retail cost = $459
GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
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Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers ...
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Torsten Werner

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$22-$50 - Billet G5 Titanium - Quick-Flip - Affordable - Durable - Engineered - Last a Lifetime - You won't be throwing this one away..

TiKeY's Story -
A couple of Mad Titanium Scientists, Brad Martin ( ) and Mike Bond ( ) joined forces to create the TiKeY.  We needed to figure out a way to make a superior key holder, make it out of Grade 5 Titanium, make it "affordable," and make it LAST A LIFETIME.  TiKeY has gone through many iterations to become what it is today.  I really couldn't have done this without the help of Mike. Thank You Mike!

This is all made in my ( *Brad ) garage, in a small town in Iowa. I'm not farming out the work to China, this is truly made in the Heartland of the USA.  You get actual 1-on-1 SUPPORT, FUTURE ADD-ONs, and knowing that your supporting a guy in his Garage working for his dream, not some guy sitting back collecting money while his product is being made. ADD-ON Pricing! WTF - Mini Titanium Keychain

WTF Tool
What is the "WTF" Tool?
It's the "Wrench That Fits"!
Made in the USA of 6al4v Titanium.
Great for a keychain, or carry in your pocket, purse, backpack, toolbox etc...
Use as a keychain, pry tool, box opener, wrench, ruler, kubaton, cord/gear tie...
The grooves on the side serve both as an aid to help grip and also a ruler. One side the grooves are 1/4inch apart, and the other side they are 1cm apart.

Now Available - Screw Posts, David A's Bottle Opener, Lanyard Loop, other things

Lanyard Loop and Bottle Opener prototypes can all be seen in the last update here -

Black Screw Posts

Thank you for all the support everyone, if you haven't stopped into the comments and said Hi yet, we would love to hear from you.
Brad & Family

DISCLAIMER - This is NOT a store, this is a Kickstarter Project.  We are a community here.  If all you want is a transaction, this is not the project for you.  Thanks for your support. :)
$22-$50 - Billet G5 Titanium - Quick-Flip - Affordable - Durable - Engineered - Last a Lifetime - You won't be throwing this one away..
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there is Roku " THE Streaming Player" , then there is a toy called "Chromecast" and some small box named "apple tv"(always there never changed much) and now "Fire TV Streaming Box" from Amazon ..... 

but the open future is this, Create your own TV Channel Guide as a mash-up of streaming apps, websites & broadcast TV with Mohu Channels

Mohu Channels Makes Your TV Smarter!

If you’re like most people, you watch television from lots of different sources: Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast TV and streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu+, YouTube and Crackle. The problem is you’re constantly having to switch from input source to input source. All of your TV sources are disjointed and scattered everywhere. It’s hard to navigate, incredibly messy and unnecessarily complicated.

We’ve set out to make this new era of TV viewing significantly easier. Now you can watch all of those video sources, plus the Web, all combined together in an incredibly easy-to-use personalized channel guide. We call it “Personal TV.” Now, with Mohu Channels anyone can create their own channel guide with just the channels, streaming video apps and websites that they like best. So, for example, if you like watching CBS and Fox over-the-air, plus Netflix, Hulu+ and Facebook, you might create a channel guide that looks like this: 
(Read more on " "
6 Day's to go....
....not saying it going to replace my $xxx,xx cable bill but hey you never know
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A titanium carabiner for paracord and multi-tool for everyday carry

check out the anodized titanium "Blue-Gold" version

65 hours to go
This project will be funded on Sunday Sep 15, 2:00am EDT.

Ti2 Para-Biner Project

Ti2 Para-Biner PB-5
Ti2 Para-Biner PB-7
Ti2 Para-Biner PB-9

Gonzodized Versions
PB-5 & 7 Gonzodized versions
This innovative process was created by Brad (WTF, Tikey, Bottle Grenade) and a first in the titanium anodizing field. They have an incredible 2 tone blue/gold color/patina effect. Thanks Brad!

Thanks for checking out the Ti2 Para-Biner/ Multi -Tool.
I (*Mike Bond) bought my first carabiner in 1992 as a college student and specifically for securing my keys to my belt loop. As luck would have it, I still use and own the same Carabiner.  A while back, shop owner Peter says to me..
Original Carabiner
We're (*Mike Bond Crew) gonzo for multi tools, own piles of them, use them often. So we thought maybe there is an opportunity to integrate a multi-tool in the same footprint. We did a bunch of research, reviewed successful multi-tools, made a list, prioritized it, sketched, jetted, machined, tweaked and repeated.
We've (*Mike Bond Crew) come up with 3 variations and refined every feature in an effort to maximize usefulness, not just cram things in for marketing purposes.   We ( are proud to present the Ti2 Para-Biner in hopes of securing project funding to cover the costs of material and manufacturing.

Key Features
Grade 5 Titanium (6Al4V) constructed body. -- The shape is water-jetted using a high quality setting out of 5/16" (PB-7) or 1/4" (PB-5) thick sheets of grade 5 titanium. Then it is CNC milled, chamfered and drilled. Once the machining process is finished, the part is tumbled in a proprietary stonewash leaving a uniform matte grey finish.

PB-9 measures 1.875" x 4.375" (48mm x 111mm) Weight 100 grams
PB-7 measures 1.625" x 3.625" (41mm x 92mm) Weight 53 grams 
PB-5 measures 1.375" x 3" (35mm x 76mm) Weight 30 grams
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OTT Messaging, VoIP Apps Threaten to Marginalize Operators

October 8, 2012 ( )

Posted in News, Over the Top, Applications, Wireless, Wireless Operators, VoIP, Mobile Devices, Skype, Messaging, SMS

Results of a new study might concern some service providers about the future of revenue from traditional text messaging (SMS).
Nearly half (45 percent) of smartphone owners use some form of instant messaging (IM) or over-the-top (OTT) messaging app in addition to – and in some cases instead of – texts, according to a new report examining consumer smartphone voice and messaging trends from Analysys Mason.
The report, "Consumer smartphone usage: voice and messaging trends," is based on data derived from Arbitron Mobile’s passive on-device monitoring app, which monitored more than 1000 smartphone users (‘panelists’) in France, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.
The report shows that WhatsApp Messenger is the first large-scale cross-platform messaging app; nearly 20 percent of the panelists used it during the two-month observation period. However, OTT communication apps have succeeded in replacing operator services in only a small proportion of cases; only 1.7 percent of the panel used IM/OTT messaging without using SMS, but 97 percent used SMS.
“The relative fragmentation of the messaging market (compared to, for example, Skype’s dominance of the VoIP market) will continue to hinder full substitution," said Stephen Sale, co-author of the report and lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Voice and Messaging research program. “However, while the messaging market is fragmented, the collective effect is having an impact on SMS usage; the number of text messages sent per active user is already declining in some Western countries."
Skype continues to dominate the VoIP market; 79 percent of VoIP users on the panel used the service, making it the default VoIP provider. The main challengers to Skype are Viber, fring and Google Talk.
Alarmingly for operators, some smartphone users are beginning to use VoIP apps as their primary voice service; approximately 20 percent of VoIP users used mobile VoIP more than traditional voice services.
“As more people use VoIP as their primary voice service, the danger for mobile operators is that they become relegated to providing secondary voice services, picking up the 30 percent or 40 percent of call traffic generated by users when contacting people who are outside their core calling circle," added Sale. “If this occurs widely, operators’ roles will be marginalized."
Alarmingly for operators, some smartphone users are beginning to use VoIP apps as their primary voice service; approximately 20 percent of VoIP users used mobile VoIP more than traditional voice servi...
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