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Scott McQuade
Scott McQuade advocates on health and development
Scott McQuade advocates on health and development

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1 March is #ZeroDiscrimination Day

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I prefer to judge after the fact, but forewarned is forearmed.

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"There are now more ways to do it. Protecting yourself from HIV that is." 

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Big vision, big promises
"Polio will soon be history. In our lifetimes, malaria will end. No one will die from AIDS. Few people will get TB. Children everywhere will be well nourished. And the death of a child in the developing world will be just as rare as the death of a child in the rich world.

"We can’t put a date on these events, and we don’t know the sequence, but we’re confident of one thing: The future will surprise the pessimists."

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What should the AIDS response look like?
More precisely, how should the United Nations response to HIV and AIDS be structured? Have a say: a Global Review Panel on the future model of the UNAIDS Joint Programme is inviting your thoughts, until 10 February. Their conclusions may well change how the UN, and member states, set about ending the AIDS epidemic. The public forums focus on working together, governance, and financing and accountability.
35 million people have died so far. 37 million people are currently living with HIV. Around 2 million people will be newly infected this year. How do we end this?!

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'Global gag rule' on abortion puts $9bn in health aid at risk, activists say

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Could HIV treatment make people more prone to syphilis infection?
"The paper hasn't demonstrated HIV therapy has this effect on syphilis but examines the case for it."

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Real stories, real lives...

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"Is PEPFAR becoming a massive, international entitlement program?”
The questions sent by incoming President Donald Trump’s team to the State Department give a strong clue to their thinking and priorities.
 J Stephen Morrison, director of Global Health Policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the NY Times that the questions showed an “overwhelmingly negative and disparaging outlook”.
NYT: "Trump Team’s Queries About Africa Point to Skepticism About Aid"

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"There is no justification for tuberculosis patients who are living with HIV to go without life-saving antiretrovirals, or for people who know their positive HIV status to go without treatment to prevent TB."

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