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Andrea Lucas
Proudly irregular.
Proudly irregular.

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When I see your bare skin tautly stretched on a frozen frame of bone and sinew; when I draw close, inhaling the scent of the day when you fell; when I check the impulse to reach my hand out to touch you-- your skin disintegrating upon contact with mine Tell...

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Awit ng Isang Nangungulila
Kay tagal na nang mawalay ka. Kailan diringgin ang panalangin Na makita mong may pag-asa Na naghihintay sa iyong pagbabalik. Sa aking alaala'y laging mananatili, Laging sigaw ng puso ang pangalan mo. Bukas sa 'king paggising, ang tangi kong hiling Ay ang mu...

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why did you not tremble it was an earth-shattering quake       made its foundations shake you knew the world won't be the same when you wake     up in the sky, you see the stars, the night has come--the time to say goodbye silent wind whispers in your ear t...

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Love and the Meaning of Life
I.      An essay for Philo 10 - Approaches to Philosophy under Prof. Bernard Caslib anan Discerning
the meaning of life Life
is indeed meaningful, in all the imaginable senses of the word. Whether there
is an innate meaning to our lives or none, we create m...

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Tonight, I sit   at a table in a small fast food chain in the metro,   alone. On the table, a cup of ice cream and a plate I'd finished off in minutes. I am hungry,   but for what, I do not know. There are girls at the
other table-- noise and scattered thou...

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you do not own me
a revised version of the poem. Hope you'll like. --- You do not own me. I should have said that way before. I should’ve said that at your first utterance of a promise.  A
promise I should not have called a promise—the ledgers attest to a payment of kisses, ...

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apology of the faithless
I’m sorry if I couldn’t
believe what I couldn’t see. I only wanted to know that what I loved was real, I
wanted to touch and I wanted to feel, I wanted
to rest my hand into a waiting palm and press my lips on a cheek pillow-marked from
sleep. Aren’t we a li...

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Panginoon, turuan Mo po akong magpatawad
magpatawad ka’y   bumulwak ang dugo, upang mapawi ang lahat   ng sala sa mundo. ‘ka
nga ‘nyo, bayad na   ang sala ng lahat— mga sala ko, mga sala   ng aking mga ninuno   at ng aking mga anak. Panginoon,
turuan Mo po akong magpatawad. Marami
akong gusto...

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I want to love you  but  I no longer know  how. I listen to the sound of my heart beating—it communicates nothing, not a word, only the dull thudding and thumping, its usual mechanism. Before, I would have said I hear your name alongside this rhythmic beati...

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I wish I could say when you had left me that everything we went through together ceased to be relevant. That they were not at all beautiful, not at all touching, not all true. I wish I could say that I ceased to remember at the very moment that you began to...
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