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Spring Warblers at Hall's Pond
Black-and-white Warbler  After learning that Haynes found a Cape May Warbler , along with many others, I decided to finally explore Hall's Pond and Amory Woods in Brookline. The fact that I often go right by the park on my way to work and a Cape May Warbler...

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The Elusive Snowy Owl and the Unexpected Grasshopper Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow  On Saturday night I saw an email from the Boston Birds group about a sighting of a Snowy Owl at Millennium Park ! So I thought it would be fun to try and find it Sunday morning and was able to convince the little one, who kept saying "m...

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Nighthawks Over Newton
Common Nighthawk  Things have been busy this summer and I haven't had much opportunity to get out for some birding. But so far this summer has been a great one for Common Nighthawks . Last year I don't think I found any, but this year has been a different s...

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Osprey at Hammond Pond
Hammond Pond Eastern Kingbird  Last weekend while running errands in Chestnut Hill, I decided to check out Hammond Pond (without my main camera) and see if there were any shorebirds around the pond. I was not disappointed as I quickly found some very vocal ...

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Shorebirds and a Surprise at Belle Isle Marsh
Black-bellied Plover  I
headed out to Belle Isle Marsh in Boston for Memorial Day morning birding. It had
been a while since I had been birding away from Newton and Belle Isle Marsh
offered a change of scenery and habitat with the bonus of shorebirds and te...

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Houghton Gardens: The Warbler Rest Stop
Female Northern Parula Sorry for this late post, things have been busy. At the end of last week, I stopped by Houghton Gardens and Hammond Pond. I have always though that Houghton Gardens would be a great place for warblers, so when I read a report from Mar...

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