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I am a father and academic.
I am a father and academic.

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So I stumbled upon the MOOC that my alma mater has put up for educators. I am saddened that this was apparently designed by a very few individuals who listened to no feedback from the outside. Many of the people I knew who were involved in this project at the beginning are not listed on it now. It looks very unappealing and restates many of the same tropes I heard coming from these people for years. Lots of re-hashing, very little innovation and allow the buzz-words to abound! 

Full disclosure, I did not enroll in the course, I only looked at the introductory material and recognized all the same mostly meaningless blather I've heard before. It is clear to me that dissenting views were exempted from the creative process, thus producing a completely political product of mediocrity.

+Linc Fessenden -- Starting a new thread for this question to you. If the Republican party is engaging in appropriate behavior, then what is the purpose of H.R. 368? If they valued their position and believe that their position would be supported by the majority of Americans, then why did they create a rule to circumvent a majority vote coming from the floor?

You have to question any political agenda (including your own) that is only against something. If you only ever post negative political messages, then you are probably doing it wrong. I'm not saying that you don't have a valid point, but if you're only against things, then people will quickly start to marginalize and ignore your opinion.

So the new office is (mostly) setup. I need to take in some more history books to fill out the shelves some more!!! (Squee!) I met an anthropology colleague today who is interested in partnering up on a global learning study I am getting started. I plan on meeting with my G.A. this week and getting started there. I'll see what kinds of things he is interested in doing, then we'll get rolling!

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It's not much, but it is all mine!

I will also be meeting with my GA to get the ball rolling for this semester. #iHaveAGA  

Classes start in 7 days. At this time next week I will be holding "office hours." I'm assuming that means I will be sitting in my office revising my Intro lesson for the second session.

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Those, "In the know," have pretty much stopped using the phrase, "Year of the Linux Desktop," seriously. There are the occasional barbs and jests, but the phrase is pretty much passé. It's not that we don't want massive adoption of Linux, but that's not the point anymore. The goal is the most robust system that can be built.

When are we going to get the message in Education? I sent a message to a friend of mine on Twitter regarding the digital revolution in education. The article I read stated, "I strongly believe that technology is going to completely revolutionize the classroom." This was not an article from 1999 or even 2005. This was a very recent post.

We need to spend less time talking about the technological revolution in the classroom, and spend more time working to understand why it has not happened and what can help. Don't talk about the revolution, be the revolution...

And in response to your reply, Dr. Young, I wonder how much of the breakdown of time spent with the digital revolution is Angry Birds? :-D

So we are upset about Slap Hillary, which was put up by a a group called, "Republican Super PAC." They state, "We didn’t see the liberal media bemoaning this “Slap Palin” game when it came out!
They only care when it’s the candidate they support for president." (

The difference is this. As near as I can tell, the Slap Palin URL and website is not associated with a specific political party/PAC. There is not a party agenda, or political force behind the game.  Both "games" are reprehensible, and I don't think any women's rights advocates would argue that either is acceptable. When a national organization that is openly attempting to influence upcoming elections through the depiction of violence towards women, I get worried.

We can be reasonably sure that the coordinators of this group are Republicans, probably with serious political influence. Violence against women is a real thing and should not be condoned in any way shape or form by those individuals supposedly "leading" our county.

TL;DR - The problem is that a super PAC is depicting violence against women, not that it's been done before.
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