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Here's how to uninstall Barracuda's Copy cloud drive on a Mac OSX. I loved this drive and the free 10gigs it gave you to start. so sad u r leaving
Barracuda University provides education, training, and in-depth information on all Barracuda Networks products.

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Christian Saunders

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Matter can bend and twist light. 
Now, in a findings that took University of Michigan researchers three years to believe, it has been revealed that photons – the basic particles in light – can influence matter as well. The targets of the investigation were ribbons of neatly-ordered nanoparticles. Details of the research appear in the latest issue of the top publication Science.
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Christian Saunders

Introductions & Discussions  - 
In case you have had issues getting to our other group, Video Glitch on on the link below.
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Christian Saunders

Apps Visualizers Controllers  - 
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Christian Saunders

Apps Visualizers Controllers  - 
A list of controllers.

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Christian Saunders

Apps Visualizers Controllers  - 
From the early days of techno and electro, dance rhythms in electronic music have been woven together from international sources. The machinery of the groove has evolved from the threads contributed by a global tribe, absorbing sounds and forms, driven by the energies they find on the dance floor. That image of solitary music making … Continue →
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Blown away by an acoustic instrument that can make it happen like this.
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Christian Saunders

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Hi there new and old members.  I wanted to discuss a couple things:
-I wanted to take your attention to the categories on the left of our community.
Please try to post your videos and discussions based on those.  In other words use this category ‘Member Introductions & Discussions’ for just that.  Post your introduction video here (in the 'Introductions & Discussions' category) but after that use one of the other categories for ‘original works’ ‘others works’ and hopefully one day soon we will start to see some ‘collaborations’.  That brings me to my next topic.
I hope one day we can collaborate with members of our other group on Vimeo that is kind of the fore runner of this group.  It's called Video Glitch…I highly recommend you watch the videos in couch mode.  Sometimes I turn the volume down and add my own music in the background.  I have even been known to display Video Glitch in couch mode while DJing an event.  I highly recommend that too if you can ever pull it off:) Feel free to stop by and play if you want. Just click or copy this link.

Currently, I don't have a lot of time to do a whole lot on each group. It seems these days I only have time for 'ideas' and that's about it.  Maybe you can relate?
I hope everyone appreciates all the videos that get added.  Every now and then I do go through the posted videos.  There is so much amazing work that gets added to this group.  Sometimes I do feel the need to remove a video or two.  Usually it's a spam video or commercial which is definitely not appropriate for this group.  Unless it is done in an incredibly interesting way.  But usually spam is not interesting enough to qualify as art.  Sometimes I also remove a video that is just inappropriate as well.  I don't know how to explain that other than I would like viewers/visitors to really get that proper audiovisual art experience from our videos.  
Once again...thanks for all of your submissions.
Oh, one other thing.  Keep in mind that if you post a video in our group you are publicly agreeing to be open to let others download and/or use it as they will as long as it is not for profit unless you are using it to promote the artists in this group or the Video Glitch group (in a kind of Andy Warhol style).  Also, anyone downloading another artists videos must give that artist a shout or praise somewhere in connection with the video they create from the download.
AudioVisual Art
Imaginative Innovative Eclectic and Glitchy works encompassing video/animation and audio/sound.
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Christian Saunders

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Wow!  What an amazing piece of work.  Now to get Molecular Acid.
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Christian Saunders

Apps Visualizers Controllers  - 
Reading that the Allen  Heath Xone K1 is being used for visual software.  Anyone out there had a chance to try it out?

UK DJ builder Allen & Heath may be best known as a mixer company, not so much a controller maker. But that’s a pity, because they make one of the most compelling controller units on the market. Spoiler alert – the K1, like the K2 before it, feels great, has a terrific layout, works with … Continue →
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Media Technician - Audio/Video Artist - Integrator - Promoter - Producer - Designer - Editor - Performance Art - Actor
DJ-VJ-AudioVisual Technician-Live Production with Video and Audio-AudioVisual Integration-Video Glitch and Sound Art
My Super Power? I am easily 'distracted' 8-]
 Add me to these & similar Circles and Communities
  • Performance Art
  • DJ and VJ Mixing
  • Experimental 
  • Sound Art 
  • Experimental Feedback 
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Glitch Video Glitch 
  • Visual Art 
  • 3D Animation 
  • Field Recordings 
  • Mechanical Recordings
  • Audio
  • Visuals
  • AudioVisuals
  • A/V Integration
  • A/V Design
  • Video Editing
  • Maya
  • Adobe Premiere 
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Technology Troubleshooting
  • Mac Windows Linux Troubleshooting
  • AppTasting
  • Online Radio Stations
  • Music/Artists Promotion
  • Virtual Cross Collaborations

EDUCATION - Work with technology in the educational field.

ACTOR - I have a performance background and love incorporating this with my more recent technical background.  The combination of the two has been coined Performance Art.

SPRING BLUE MEDIA - I am a media conversion specialist. I archive and preserve most analog media in digital formats.  You have old vinyl records, cassettes, reel to reel, VHS, 8mm tape.  Even old digital formats (miniDVD, miniDV, Digital8 from Sony) to newer digital formats?  I put those formats on dvd/cd, your computer's hard drive and the internet for you.

PLAYLISTS and ONLINE RADIOSTATIONS - I am a Cybert@gger known as SilverlagE which has gained me a following on Last.FM with my self created/hand picked online radio stations named after 'kids' cereals and other eclectic titles.  
#LastFM - #SilverlageRadio - #Cybertagger - #T7B - #ORS
These ain't your mammas Pandora stations.  Each song has been hand (virtual hand) picked and followers of these stations get to tag and add songs they think fit the theme.  These stations are not bland.  You can think of it as a more personal online 'audience participation' radio station where you are guaranteed to discover progressive old and new music.  Try it out.  My Online Radio.  Add songs that fit each station.

SOUND PROMOTER - Additionally music made by friends. acquaintances, myself and possibly 'you' are also added to our Zilch Records Label then tagged and added to the stations. Zilch Records (Please Add Zilch Records to your circles) where free music and downloads is offered within most genres.

VISUAL PROMOTER - Creator of Video Glitch on Vimeo.  This is a place for Visual/Video artists to drop their eclectic discoveries and creations.
SIDE PROJECTS (I need your advice, really) #OnlineCollaboration (please advise) I love starting online collaborations but have trouble communicating to collaboration artists across many social-artist sites.  What I am trying to say is..."how do I communicate with other artists when a project is happening across many different sites i.e., Vimeo, Google+, Facebook.  I need a central hub for this communication other than 'email' or is email just simply the best way to accomplish this?
I am currently heading an AudioVisual collaboration between and vimeo users. Communication is just not easy.  I am guessing that Google+ would be the way but not so sure if I can convince them all to join.  I need some help, guidance, suggestions here.  

- I raise Heritage Chickens   
#COLLABORATIONCREATIONS = 'My' current audiovisual collaboration = EmbarQue and EmbarQue
#VideoGlitch = Video Glitch = A hand picked submission to my group on Vimeo.
#Studyo = My home based 'studio' and 'study'.  Audio and Production Studio designers and end user experts please help. I am constantly trying to make old equipment work with new which means I am always troubleshooting.  I post my issues under the above hashtag.  
AppTasting = Currently addicted to grabbing way too many apps on iPad and Google Chrome.  In turn I love rating them here on Google+. #APPTASTING   

I am incredibly good at polishing a turd in the technical world or finding the right person that can.

One can usually find me here.
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SilverlagE, sp_ceboy, Check !t, DJ Sneaky
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