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The staff here has a great way of making you feel comfortable and welcome but they're not any of these. I had to drive to this location twice today because the first time I got there my order was incorrect. Upon my visit the staff member assured me that i ordered a shrimp fried rice when i really ordered a shrimp lo meain. He was soooooo certain making a big spectacle about it that I had to think, maybe I messed up took the rice and left. It was when I got back to my office in disbelief of my stupid error that I found, after listening to the actual call, that I DID order a lo mein. So when i went back with the voice recording of the call and an above half full container of rice (I had to eat some because I was at work and couldn’t leave again atm) it was determined that my correct order was $1.25 more, and they wanted to charge me for it. Over and over i attempted to explain that i should not have to be charged for this due to the mere fact that i had to drive there twice but the elderly lady there rather just continue to yell over me higher and higher for $1.25. Meanwhile i've been loyal customer for 5yrs. This was the saddest part for me on their behalf. Ive been frequenting them for 5yrs and this is how I was treated for $1.25. Loosers! Hope $1.25 takes you as far up in life that you are expecting. Signed, Full stomach from next door!!
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This shop is the best shop I have ever experienced. Walter/mechanic went so far out of his way to make sure I was extremely happy with the job he provided. He stands by his work, very informative & will not let you leave unhappy. He fixed my Katana 750 and it currently runs like a brand new bike.
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