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Vaishu Subramaniam
swim along with life without fighting it
swim along with life without fighting it

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Next step of my life

I'm moving onto next step of my life,
And my whole body trembles like I'm holding a murderous knife.
I am going to the eleventh grade,
And I'm still afraid of being played.
Some of my lovely friends are leaving,
For the schools that they have been craving.
Most of my friends have taken biology,
And I know they will be studying with their full energy.
I have taken commerce group with business maths,
And according to my mom it's not a worthy class.
Now don't get angry my commerce mates,
Soon she will say that group was so great.
I'll be sitting alone for the first period on my first class I think,
It took me so long for it to sink.
Don't worry I'm a friendly person,
So soon I will be having friends who'll make my life shine as bright as sun.
I won't be avoiding the friends I've already made,
Coz they are too precious to have them trade.
For the first time in my life me and brother are parting ways,
But then what can we do we gotta along with the life's sway.
So let's see what life has for me in the future,
And I pray to god that at the end I won't be a looser.

so hi everyone! How is it going? Hope everyone is having a lovely vacation. Drink lots of water, have fun and enjoy yourself! Soon we will be going back to school, I know. Hope it'll be a fun year and...... bye bye lovelies. See you all very soon

Sometimes I loose hope easily which makes me wonder how I'm going to get through the years ahead of my life.

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He does

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aaawww he may not have said it but still it means a lot to me!!!
I luv u zyan 😊😊 

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True! When Harry or Niall or Louis releases a single people talk for days about it but then when our Liam releases the talk is for barely a day. My baby worked hard too. Not that I'm criticising directioners who love Harry or Louis or Niall. Come on guys this is our Liam. He was there was us and we have to be for him too. He thinks the love he gets is enough but I feel he should get more love.

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Damn stop being so dramatic my fellow directioners. You see the interview and then listen to the song! Pls. Liam isn't stupid to say something like that

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