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Universal Education: Public Boarding Schools
As our education system continues to fail American students and fail to encourage success its time our country takes a different approach. The problem with education isn't money, classroom size, or per pupil spending. The problem for U.S education is simply...

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A Social Free GOP
After the previous two failed attempted by the Grand ol' Party to dethrone its clear that the American electorate no longer views social conservationism as an acceptable stance.

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Everyone Doesn't Need a Degree
A very common misconception is the idea that every student in the U.S needs a four year degree in order to be successful in life. This premise is completely false. The fact of the matter is that a for year college is not for everyone. Only 20% of the U.S po...

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Multiculturalism the Biggest "Progressive" Lie.
       Multiculturalism leads to a deeply divided society and causes unnecessary racial tension. The very idea that a society made up of multiple differing ethnic cultures can live harmoniously is ludicrous. History has shown that this concept is a fallacy ...

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Gay Marriage? Straight Marriage? How about neither.
By now many of you have heard the news, gay marriage is legal in Michigan. Support for gay marriage is divided among generational lines. Voters ages 18-24 support the concept of gay marriage whereas voters ages 60+ stand firmly against this concept. Gay mar...

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Why Ukraine Matters
At this point many people around the world have heard the devastating news of Russia's invasion and occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. Many believe that this invasion does not have any significant impact on the United States and our national se...

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Welcome to the Jungle
Ranting is not just about coming up with a simple idea and letting flow free from your mind without much regulation. Ranting as a purpose is an art form. Much like any form of art work its take time and practice. As a political activist I have had my fair s...

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