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The Wikipedia community has chosen to blackout the English version of Wikipedia for 24 hours on January 18 in protest against proposed legislation in the United States — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and PROTECTIP (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate.
English Wikipedia to go dark January 18 in opposition to SOPA/PIPA. San Francisco -- January 16, 2012 -- On January 18, 2012, in an unprecedented decision, the Wikipedia community has chosen to blacko...
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Hello, my name is Bipin Rai.I think H.R.3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bad idea.This bill is overbroad, and could be used as a tool for online censorship. It would be bad for online innovation, and could be misused to take down legitimate online speech. Even worse, it creates a bad precedent internationally for fragmenting the Internet.Thank you for your consideration, and for acting against this dangerous bill.
STOP SOPA!! we want a free internet! Wikipedia, live all eternity. :)
FUCK SOPA AND FUCK THE USA! I have a right to say this under your first amendment (a whole lotta good that did).
Over reaching legislation is a bad idea. A free society is only as free as the information that is available!
Keep the internet FREE! In all aspects of the word.
This is an unprecedented invasion of our internet rights by the government! KEEP THE INTERNET FREE!
STOP SOPA!! we want a free internet!................ Go Wiki.............Go...............!!!!
Facebook Group: End SOPA Now! Join for there is power in numbers!
Throughout my life, safe to say, I have never used any information online for purposes of abuse or any sort of unlawful act. Sure I might have obtained the information unlegally (i.e. copy here copy there) without knowing its true source, but again it was never for the purpose to hurt anyone, instead it was used for my education and learning. Being a part of an online community is just as important as being in a real community, we share thing that we learn from others, ideas, concept etc. its the same thing, and as we get through day by day growing from each other so does the internet. SOPA and PIPA is just another way of of turning a free country into a communist one, it does more damage than help, and the online community will never grow and develop, and this will directly co-relate to us as growing individuals in a society. Education will no longer be available to many people, news will be even harder to differenciate which is real and which is propaganda, no more sense of unity with the world.... in short SOPA and PIPA will only weaken the system and not make it stronger, it will weaken our wisdom and our communities. Stop it now.
I think it's a bad decision by the majority of editors to do this blackout instead of a big banner. It discriminates against non-tech-savvy users who don't know how to disable javascript or use the Google cache. It abuses our power to annoy and shout at people who've come to rely on Wikipedia. And it seems that the on-wiki discussion pages have been locked :-|
SOPA SUX!!!!! Blackout is the best thing but it sux (note just click the stop button while refreshing before it blinks black)
Someone should release legislation not only against Sopa/Pipa, but also to make the internet Entirely Free. Think how much that would piss people off...
The bottom line is the original intent of the bill is not an issue with me but it will be the boon of censorship and that is why I have a problem with it!
keep the internet F R E E!
There are more pressing problems that the government ought to be fixing!
Stop this BS, already! Information wants to be free.
SOPA & PIPA has been made by the fucking stupid low-class. Such fucking pigs need destroying!
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - this was said in 1963 by Martin Luther King. It isn't a case today, though - today, we are dealing with INJUSTICE EVERYWHERE... or at least the announcement of it. Is it possible so that injustice everywhere introduces itself as the only form of justice? The internet is not completely free but it is still the freest place man has experienced... THE CONCEPT OF A NATION STATE IS THE FIRST THING WE SHOULD BE RETHINKING (thinking of abandoning) - DOES THIS LOOK LIKE DEMOCRACY TO YOU?
STOP SOPA, FRA and all other dictatorship surveillances, free the people!
Stop SOPA!!!!!!!! I don't want to pay 4 any thing I did on internet!!!
SOPA is an apocalyptic scenario of curfew and illegality. They want to fight the pirates making everybody criminals. It's like drop a bomb on a nuclear power plant: BAD IDEA. STOP SOPA RIGHT NOW!
STOP SOPA!! we want a free internet! Wikipedia, live all eternity.
I support Wikipedia's blackout protest. SOPA and PIPA are attempts to dumb down the Internet. This cannot be passed.
USA... Y U NO STOP SOPA AND PIPA??? fffffuuuu
STOP SOPA and PIPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:@@@@@@
America talk so much about democracy, but when it come to money, all cheers become empty. Your freedom is another form of slavery. Do not touch the freedom of knowledge on the Internet! STOP SOPA!
The day the internet would be censored is the true beginning of the new dark ages. All hatred towards oppressive censorship is justified!
Nineteen-eightyfour. [1984] I though chinese facism/censorship was bad.
Tee Nhi
I'm Vietnamese! Stop SOPA!
Hi, I'm Eric Jun. I'm just a student but I know what's going on. I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Wikipedia is one of the best encyclopedia website in human history. However, I don't know why US government is trying to damage the free internet. That's basically blocking an internet like China! So I would like to support the protest.
Dream of Google: Free Internet?? If thats ture we need help from you, Google and we are willing help you out too!!

We need to learn more from Internet!

From Japan, 脇山 記行
hey sopa stop what u try to do
i don't want to pay 4 any thing when i use the internet
internet is free and it alway be free
BM Kwok
Stupid US, don't think you are international police, you just a bug. Brainless!
SOPA and PIPA is stupid ideas. This world have enough terrible things already. This thing only good for the capitalism, not the whole world.
And what, if somebody sends an antrax-letter they will sue the post services? Go after the real bed guy's and stop annoying honest people. USA the land of freedom!!! This is censorship, I get the strong feeling of dictatorship. Is the US government really so desperate?
No worries,. who are against Wikipedia, their children, technical peoples, art peoples and etc.. will be affected.. Then their country wont be number one.. sopa may have some other valid reasons. But they should allow Wikipedia.. It is the university for any aged, with no period and limitations to learn..This Wikipedia is for learning not earning.. Nobody can build an online university like as Wikipedia with hundreds of language support. Thanks,
Hi! I'm from Vietnam. I think SOPA should be stopped. My life is in ruin. I have no friends, my family sucks. Internet is the best thing in my life and Wikipedia gave me a lot of knowledge. I disagree with SOPA. I think US should think about it. You guys should negotiate. P/S: If my words had anything wrong, please forgive. I'm just a kid :D
Why don't we call some hackers and beat SOPA up? >:)
I support wikipedia. SOPA should be stopped
I wish that Google/Facebook/Twitter/IMDB and everyone else would do the same!
STOP SOPA. All we want is knowledge,Wikipedia should be free.
STOP SOPA!!!! F*CK OFF, SOPA!!!!! SOPA should be "soap" and "bubble"!!!!!
I say "Stop SOPA".
And 257 persons do the same. ^^
Everyone. Stop SOPA !
STOP SOPA! Internet needs to be free!
SOPA ... a four letter word, also known as devolution!
I donno wat exactly is that act but if it becomes a threat for a ocean of knowledge freely accessible for everyone then I am sure that they have reconsider the terms in that act....Hope they'll do so.
Legislation similar to SOPA and PIPA will continue to arise. For the benefit of humanity and it's innate freedoms, SOPA and PIPA must not be passed. The precedent must be set, proving to the world that what internet users care about is the freedom of information and knowledge. Long Live Wikipedia!
SOPA-STOP! Интернет должен быть СВОБОДНЫМ! Нет ЦЕНЗУРЕ -- Sopa -Stop! Internet should be free! There is no censorship
I respect copyright owners and I personally don't like piracy, but this SOPA. It's just stupid.
It must be STOPPED.

This is from Viet Nam.
Это не борьба против пиратов, это борьба против людей и их интересов!

This is not a fight against the pirates, the fight against the people and their interests!
Stop SOPA and PIPA now! I wish governants read this... if this bills pass, internet will turn to a even worse state. Just like when they shut off any tool that COULD be used to piracy, another one, improved, will raise... uncontrollable... and then you will see hell.
STOP SOPA!! All we want is a free internet! Wikipedia to live for all eternity. All hail the Wikipedia Community.
Im American it's better then living in other countrys that trys to run and take the live of its people we are free here.. WELL thats what they say the government is now tring to run its people tell them what they can and can not do if we don't chang america will be the next declaration country, And you know what i think the bill might be pass because our voices does not metter any more sorry to say it.
The Internet must have FREEDOM...Please stop SOPA and PIPA!
Free internet is synonymous to free acces to information, any kind of information.
Stop SOPA and PIPA... We dont need Second parents (If you know what i meen!:D) Isnt it a crazy person out ther who can put a good bount fro a hitman to take down the leaders of thsi shitty laws..... Freedom on the internet has done me some grate things in life =/
The internet is very normal this days, even old people in ther 80's - 100's are buying tablets to be on the internet in 2012!
The worst thing is that every human thing has flaws, even the men behind the two laws. I am a guy who loves information (Do i need to say more?) . Stupid law, KILL IT! They will have more problems after the law is intact, then now... The streets, and that will flow of angry people, and as far as i know, even hitmans, gangsters will be on their asses, they also addicted to the internet you knwo :D Good luck with the laws!
the world will change soon/ virtual and reality become one / this rule won't get far and won't stop us ! / let's bring it down together / the internet wouldn't be the internet if this law worked
the internet need to flow freelly / stop it mean break the balance of it / the world will never be the same again /now everyone :"SOPA You going down! Down down down! "
From: netizens

free internet! wiki must to live for our living! bravo free internet!
Mai Hai
STOP SOPA!! We dont want a bigger China!!
SOPA ,PIPA like the event September 11th , 2 " New OSAMABINLADENS" destroy The whole world Internet "building".SOPA And PIPA must be stopped
the world will absolutely see the "pain,lost,....." just like the day Osamabinladen destroyed WORLD TRADE CENTER
Stopping SOPA AND PIPA is Stopping Any World War 3,4 ... in the future!
Stopping SOPA AND PIPA is a freedom to all kinds of people especially the poor!
Stop SOPA. Internet FREE, OPEN  for everyone ! Stop SOPA
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