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College girl seeking to finish!
College girl seeking to finish!

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Microsoft & Judging a Book By Its Cover

Its about time Microsoft started getting their act together. If it be a branding refresh, OS & program performance or simply a new mentality. With the massive resources Mircrosoft has on hand I am still baffled in their lack of robustness in the market.Completely scraping their old branding and taking it back to the drawing board is obviously a huge move for any aged brand, but this time I personally believe it is a well calculated one.

Myself as a dedicated Windows XP & Linux by night user hopes that  the saying " You can't judge a book by its cover" does not hold true in this case. (Ive heard rumors that Microsoft could be blocking any other OS's from being installed but would make me frown but their is always another way)

 We all remember when Microsoft did away with Windows XP. I laugh thinking about  #windowsmillennium  &  #windowsvista  . #windows7  showed some hope but just seemed bloated and not worth dealing with.   I personally would welcome Microsoft back, I could happily run Mac Linux & Windows side by side each with a specific purpose. The fact that one day us XP enthusiasts may have to let it go, as applications continue to advance and exploits become larger. Although, for the time being, I am loyal to +Google Chrome & adding a bit of sarcasm, I cannot imagine microsoft ever penetrating the #webbrowser  world and I am quite comfortable with my friend #googlesearch  as a #searchengine  . 

What do you think? Do you believe that +Microsoft has what it takes to get its act together and compete

Special thanks to +Douglas Haines for originally sharing this link but I have difficultly posting without a photo attached. How about that orange did it get anyone's attention? 

#windows   #windowsslate   #slate   #windows8   #windowsxp   #branding   #rebranding   #rebrand   #os   #operatingsystem   #ios   #linux   #thoughtsoftheday   #technology   #technologynews   #billgates   #judgingabookbyitstitle     #microsoft  

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This is one of the greatest things we've ever seen.

More info here:

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I found this to be clever!

No more class I am about to bust out of here and get outside!

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Not a bad picture to wake up too!
Riomaggiore, Italy

The most southerly of the five villages that make up the Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast, the picture-postcard Riomaggiore captures the imagination at it seems to tumble down the steep hillside into the Mediterranean. If you ever do get to visit, be sure to sample the local wine produced from the grapes of the vineyards above the town.

Nikon D700, 14mm-24mm

#PlusPhotoExtract, #lensman , #photography , #travel , #Italy , #Liguria , #Riomaggiore , #Mediterranean , #Cinqueterre

Happy Saturdays!

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A little over my head. But this is impressive!
Mobile USB DNA Sequencing : DNA sequencing is becoming faster, cheaper and smaller.

Article Snippet: Oxford Nanopore Technologies, a British company said they expect to being selling a portable and disposable gene sequencing device that is the size of a USB memory stick. Data retrieval will be done via "plugging it into a computer." and plugs into a computer to deliver its results. via #Technologyreview

Hardware: USB Device
Estimated Cost: $900
DNA Source: Leukocytes
Type of Sequencing: Single Molecule
Basic Methodology: DNA strands are filtered through nanopores, which are embedded in a porous polymer. The order in which nucleotides occur on a strand of DNA can be identified by the measuring the output of the electron's current, which are unique to each base.See-

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#technology #science #dnasequencing #news #nanoporetech #USB

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This is great!
Creative storytelling in a routine situation

Events like news conferences, unveilings, groundbreakings, check presentations and the like are big deals to the people involved in them, but they are usually only marginally newsworthy, if at all, in and of themselves.

In other words, for example, if the project that people are breaking ground for really is a big deal, we don't want to photograph and report on several people holding shovels and lifting up the first scoops of dirt; we want to report and photograph the project work itself.

So, watch the video that goes with this story. It's great creative visual journalism from Jason Plotkin. He goes to a news conference about a project, at which a new sign is to be unveiled, and he tells the story of the guys who have to take the tarp off the sign. The result is great fun -- in no small part because the guys totally played along.

It's a classic example of how to tell a fresh story out of a routine news event.

-+Scott Blanchard

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Look at the lighting on this bringing out amazing colors!
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