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UK based dating service offering you an exceptional personal dating experience
UK based dating service offering you an exceptional personal dating experience

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Definitely have a mind of my own

Vivacious,amusing,intelligent….’interesting’!! Petite – small but curvy – with curly (wild?!) red hair. I’m friendly and out-going. Funny (in my opinion!), open and warm. I have various interests (as they say) – socialising, reading, writing, cinema, music etc. Enjoy discussions – definitely have a mind of my own (but willing to learn!!!) Enjoy almost anything or anywhere with the right people.I’m caring and supportive, And I love affection – giving and receiving.I’m attracted to ‘interesting’ men, maybe a little unconventional, — humourous (hopefully,a bit) and definitely caring.. Honesty is important and it works both ways. I don’t want perfection (it’s boring!)…. and I expect baggage (who doesn’t have it at our age?!).I’m interested in meeting a man who is looking for a long-term relationship – a man who wants a, lover and a friend….someone who enjoys sharing – experiences, emotions, affection….Please only contact me if you have a photo and a profile. Thanks!

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If you don’t like being single and are looking for romance, now’s the time to start thinking about preparing your lovelife …

I’m a very positive and person. Being a child of the 60′s, I took full advantage of the changes taking place. I still retain that individual streak, to explore and have fun with. I live my life now, more simply – one day at a time. Today, my interests are in the more subtle energies of nature that bring me happiness and peace of mind. I now enjoy the corny things I used to scoff at – like sunsets, waterfalls, and meditation.

I am an active creative person looking to meet new people. I am a widow with two children both of whom are out on their own. I enjoy a variety of crafts and photography. 

If you are a senior thinking about getting into a senior dating group, know that you aren’t alone. Many seniors are looking for potential mates that are approximately their age, so there are thousands if not millions of others who are thinking in the same direction you are. So the question really is: how do you find the right dating group for you?

I’m a mum to 2 grown up daughters who both live away from home. I enjoy spending time with family, going out for drinks or a meal with friends, watching sport either live or on TV and going the cinema.

Blonde , petite build and 5ft 4″ Country lover rather than city slicker. not ready to join the blue rinse brigaide just yet.
It would be nice to enjoy again a nice cosy relationship where caring and sharing with a significant other is important, being quite a homebird I don’t seek a hectic social scene, afterall ive been tucked away in a marriage for years , but if you are with the right person for you then compromise can be an easy thing.
New to late life dating…and like a good percentage im probably going to be pretty uncomfortable with it ..but hey.. sometimes you have to venture outside of the box.!My photos are very recent and not 10 years out of date and its hard to smile when doing a selfie…but rest assured I am a smiler.

There are situations when making the best first impression means everything. Even though you cannot judge a book by its cover, first impressions can be crucial. First impressions can also depict a part of a person’s attitude. This is the reason why most of us show our best attitude to leave a good impression that lasts. This is because once you have given out an idea about yourself, it can be difficult to change it from the other person’s point of view. Unfortunately, many still depend on impressions. This is completely normal when we talk about human nature.
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