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Short article on photographing the space shuttle fly-by over NYC this week, plus a small gallery of images
The space shuttle Eneterprise on top of a specially modified Boeing 747 flew at low altitude over New York City on the morning of April 27th 2012. Here are a few images I shot during this historic eve...
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Nice Bob I was at the same place my guess u took this from Liberty State Park?

Nice angle I shot it at 70 mm I switched from 100-400 as it approached

I like your comp better than mine nice catch 
Yes, I was at LSP. We may even have been standing next to each other! I was down at the Statue of Liberty end of the park and I was one of the guys with a big white Canon lens on a tripod. I think another guy close to me was using a 400/2.8. Luckily the plane was close enough that the really long lenses weren't really needed. If I was to do it again, I'd try to throw in a few wideangle shots.
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