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Samir Osman
Shutterbuggin' cocktaillian wordsmith.
Shutterbuggin' cocktaillian wordsmith.


Only three days left to get 20% off all canvas, metal, and specialty product prints! I've added galleries and new work to most of them as well. Please check them out!

Projecting password is "noyouare"

Please send a message or text for other password protected galleries.

Thanks for supporting the arts! Love y'all!

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This is a very important post. PLEASE READ!!!

I've started a gofundme campaign to help get one of my best friends home to his family while he still can. Please follow the link and help me help a very dear friend in dire need.

Thank you for everything you can do, even if it's just a share or a comment to keep the post high in the feed. Everything helps.

Love you guys!!!

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Best bride to shoot of all time. #FernetAboutIt

"Who gets married sober?!?"

I know it's been a super long time since I poked my head into the googlesphere, but I wanted to make sure all of you beautiful folks knew about my photography business page over on that other site. If you would like and/or share it it would mean the world to me. I've decided to finally fully dedicate myself to my art, just like that little boy in the Art Institute Museum in Chicago did over 30 years ago, and any help I can get from my framily will make a monumental difference.

Thank you in advance, and I love you guys!!!

It's at www. that other place .com /samirosmanphotography´╗┐

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Sneaker candid shot from the square dance at Bells Bend Farms last weekend. It felt like Nashville again for a few hours, not Nash Angeles, and it was glorious. Every age, demographic, color, and creed all dancing and laughing all night while a million fireflies danced and played with us. If you ever make a trip to the south I highly recommend finding one of these. It's good to know the country hasn't gone the way of country music and sold its soul. #Roots

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"Jupiter cyclops"

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There is a crack in everything. It's how the light gets in.
-Leonard Cohen


Just to clear up an all too common literary misconception, Mark Twain never said "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." Fact.

He DID however say that "America is New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Everything else is Cleveland."

Also a fact.

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A huge thank you to Asheville for the warm welcome and all the love last night at the gallery opening. To be embraced by a community so vibrant and supportive has been beyond amazing, and I feel like I'm already part of the family after only two days.

For those of you that didn't make it, or might be coming through town anytime soon, please stop by 5 Walnut St to check it out!

If you are in town and want to become part of the project and get prints of yourself I have some spots left for today's live shoot at Soveriegn Remedies. I'll be there all day and most of the night. I won't leave until everyone who wants to has a chance to be shot.

Contact info is on my website at

To book a session for today please email my pr goddess at to find out what time slots are available and reserve your spot!

Much love to all of you!

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Who's up for a road trip to Awesometown?
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