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Martha Beimer
Happy in my own skin, old enough to know better and young enough at heart to not believe it.
Happy in my own skin, old enough to know better and young enough at heart to not believe it.

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Hey, It snowed.  One morning this week I woke up, let the dog out and everything was white!!  Okay, I was hoping and it had been predicted but really, this IS west Texas and we are in a drought.  In September or October it rained eleven inches and were ecstatic. (that word should have an x in it...ex tatic...looks good to me..tee hee).  Lili Alba, (yes, the jet black three year old lab,is named white lily)  {sue me, I think it's funny}  went running out  the back door and slid off the steps.  I was concerned because she
did a sumersault of the porch and landed on her neck.  But, (of course) she jumped up and shook herself a little then went tearing around the back yard on her paths just as fast as she could.   She loves the snow.  It must be genetic...I love snow too......(no, she is my dog, not my child)  I love that dog...But I love snow more.  She tried to catch snow balls at lunch but couldn't find them in the snow....and ,,,they splattered.   I turned (morning)
to go back into the house and saw the snow damage.  (as if snow could really do damage.)  I had forgotten how quickly snow could accumulate on shadecloth and since the drought had totally killed her shade trees, I had  put up shadecloth.  They all four caught enough snow to tear down the't get excited...I built the supports.   Nothing is ever set in stone in the creative world so her supports were quite flexible and all I had to do was move them so that she would not decide to tear up the shadecloths.   I was in my gowntail, house coat and slippers.  It was not blowing and not really cold.  I spent about thirty minutes figuring out the best way to move that volume of snow and ended up with some pretty respectable snowballs.   (More time and there would have been a snowman).  I
ll tell you about snowmen and Missouri and Daddy and the snow some time.
But....I did my thing.  I loved it.
Every cold chilly minute of it....snow in the slippers helped me remember to go snow wading.  The cold hands reminded me that I have wonderful hands which God fashioned into tools of extreme usefulness.   (you have a pair too and if you don't have a whole pair, I bet you do really well wit what you have and if you don't have hands,,,,then I hope you can rely on the people around you for the chores with which you need help.)   Snow wading is something we always did at our house because it was a peaceful demonstration to the parents of our friends that  illness is a state of mind and that playing in the snow is not a death sentence.  Just walk out into the
You don't have to do it long or make a deal out of it.   Just do it.  Smile and laugh and go back indoors and put your feet in your morning bath and get on with the day.  (yes, go snow wading...that is what I said)
I was so glad to see the snow.  Clean Clear Pure scar covering,  weed hiding, pot hole filling snow.   What a blessing.  Rather like grace.  The cross of Christ, HIs blood, washes the sin stained soul clean and clear...."though you sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow"...Makes my heart
elated everytime I see it. 
Daniel and I were so blessed.  We saw snow so many times in the mountains. Had snowball fights with people from Florida who had never seen snow.  We were south of Ouray, it was September,  We stopped to play in the snow and these other people stopped.  They were giddy.  Danny threw the first snowball....the fight was on.  WE played like teenagers for an hour or more.....walking in the woods, shaking trees on one another.  (stealing kisses...shhh don't tell the children)  laughing and slipping on the hillside and rocky places.  When we were talking with the Florida people before we left to
drive on down that mountain road in the snow, we discussed the purity of the snow the cleanness of it and how it could be likened to Grace and our sins.
They, being Christians too, were pleased at that thought.  If they had been
Jewish or Muslim, I would have said the same things.   God is good and He is good in every aspect of our lives.  He alone can make a bad thing conquerable   (able to be conquered)   He alone can make pure beauty of
an ugliness.  Yep...It snowed.  It was cold, It was wet, I am blessed.
I hope snow falls on your life soon so that you can see the beauty of God.

Oh, here is a recipe for snow ice cream.   If you know it will snow,,,buy cream...the real stuff...of half and half.....but milk will do.
Scoop up a big cereal bowl of clean clean clean snow. (second snowfall is best we think...the first one might clean the air a little)  You know where the cats and puppys do not make messes in your yard.,  car hoods are good, crevices where it is deep and takes more than a dusting of snow to do this recipe.  Pack it nicely.  Take it in the house and get out the vanilla, the sugar bowl, (it only takes a little) and the milk, cream and what ever other thing you want but I would not put too much stuff in it.  Make a little
sauce....don't cook it...right out of the fridge is good.   Pour it over your snow and stir it around a little make it as soupy as you want...but it will melt the snow so don't just make a milk shake.   Eat it is good.
Now, for you ninnies who say,,,that is unhealthy,that will be germy, that will make you sick......I will hold my health up to scrutiny any day you choose.
God is so good.

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Nothing is new but I have finally gotten to the heater lighting days.  They come around once or twice a year....(yes, sometimes I do get chilled)  (and SOMETIMES I can be chilly too.) like yesterday.   There is a thing that happens where I work that is just,,,,well,,,,irksome.   I work in the front lobby of a bank and the drive through is directly behind me as is the bookkeeping place( they call it bookkeeping but that is not where the really bookkeeping happens, but lots and lots of other stuff) .  Well, as days progress, and weekends near everyone is gearing up for going home.  We had had a very
hectic, (not over busy but hectic day).  My drawer for some unknown reason
is just not fun sometimes and I was determined yesterday that it should be iota perfect.  The lobby doors had been locked, I was on my way and the youngest of us, (the drive through girl,,,she is always the most busy of anyone) plopped a deposit bad down behind me and said, "Oh, here is another one."   I looked at it and it is the bag of a girl who usually drops her bag before she picks up her little ones at school.   It had simply sat on the desk in the back for quite a while and was forgotten until well,,,,way too late to make a deposit.  She started grinning and went back to her window.  I debated as to whether to do it or not but knew that in order to keep the customer from getting in hot water with her bosses, I would do I had to
ask the person who follows me to wait for her end of day stuff and that is just
putting her even later than the bag was putting me.   I got ugly and went back and told the little girl in no uncertain terms ( foul words  but
UGLY)  that if she, in future got a bag and she was too busy to bring it, that she could just call my name and I would come get it.  That is easy,,,I hear them say my name from the corners of that room and she is much closer than the others there.  I ended by saying "this is not fair and it is NOT funny."
Well, friends,,,you know,,,,it wasn't but neither was my nasty attitude.  I was so tired I wanted to sleep right then and as I was doing the deposit, I was assuring myself that I would NOT apologize.  (there is a flower shop story there...about apologizing)  I yelled at the head bookkeeper about it and she agreed that it was too late.....but you know those people who are called peacekeepers.  This woman is one.  She just looked at me and smiled sweetly and said nothing much other than, that I should probably feel better about it if I did apologize for being ugly.   So I balanced my the penny and screwed up my "self-righteousness" and said to the sweet
little girl in the window that even though I was still angry about the lateness of the bag, her lack of forethought and that it still wasn't funny, I hoped she would forgive a mean spirited old ----- (five letters,,rhymes with the ugly woman from OZ)  for being hateful about something so silly.   As I said, she is a sweet child and she forgave me.   We even laughed about it alter a while.  She promised to just call us to get the bags when they come in and not just put them behind us at her will.   Of course that means I will have to get up off my "you- know- what" and move a little more,,,but what can that hurt?!?  (maybe it is a subtle way of making my slothe move a little)
You know there is some Good stuff in this story.   I bet you know it already.
Be slow to anger.  Be kind.  Be peaceful.  Say you're sorry when you're sorry.  Don't be ashamed to admit that you are human.  God has a way of
taking our dishonor and making them honor.  Yes, God is good.  I ate humble pie (tastes nasty too)...but I slept well last night.
Mother taught me a poem when I was a child (Li'l Orphan Annie) and I promise,,,,,,,,  those goblins run away like mad when I admit my guilt out loud. There were some very large ones there in the bank yesterday...right behind me and they poked me all the way to the little girl's window.....but they didn't keep their darkness around long when she forgave me....
yes, friends,,,,the weather is cool enough for heat in the house and my chilly heart was warmed again by God's love.
God is GOOD!!!

So, I was right and by the way, I still am.  I just heard a rooster crow in the morning and didn't hear any large cranes pulling up the sun.(yes, scientists, the world revolves and that is what causes the sun to "rise") It will set in the west tonight too.
I lost my vote as did the majority of the people in the most of the USA.  I will
survive and you will too.  We will make it work.  I was fundamentally right and will be right
as long as right means doing what one has to do to provide for ones own needs and the needs of those for whom they are directly responsible as well as others who need to understand RIGHTness.  Yes it is called conservatism.
I am rightly right handed.  I am rightly left brained which makes me right handed.  I also have some rather unusual ability to use my left hand rightly which causes some other issues which need to be addressed at another time. (makes me a little right brained too)
I just wanted you to know that God is in charge.  He will never leave us.  In
Ecclesiastes it says, fear God and keep His Comandments, this is man's all. I believe that...God IS the answer.

Right now, I need to get ready to go to work and earn my is the RIGHT thing to do.  If you are able to move your body, get your sloth to stir, and live off the dole (look it up), you should be getting right too.
God gave us wonderful machines called hands, hearts and brains. 
By next time around I will still be right and God will be with me then too.
God Bless America.  Pray for us all.  (ooo ooo ooo  wow...look  Pray for USA'LL  snick snick snick,,,it is almost ya'll but it borders on us'n's) tee hee giggle.
Oh I love a giggle from God in the morning.
Makes my day.

It is election night.  I am going to turn in early as I cannot stand the suspense any longer.

In the morning it will be done... ( so will the pancakes or eggs when I get done cooking them.)

If you believe that God is in charge,,,that the sun comes up in the east and
that it sets in the west, that the tide comes in and goes out without human beings pulling it,,,If you truly are the Christ centered person you say you are, you will not be frightened either,,,as if sitting up half the night watching pundits on tv tell you what they HOPE happens.

Yes, I know all the stuff.  Yes I am very very conservative in most instances.....but if we suffer every two hundred plus years or so through some horrendous events...we are still His children and THAT IS WHERE
my heart is now.   Yes, I am a little concerned.   But I have spoken, and I have voted.  Now, I will pray for whomever IT is in the morning and then I will
lean a little harder on God....because......(oh, you're going to love this)....He is my heavenly Father and I am going to sit in His lap, let Him wrap His arms around me and sleep the sleep of a child. Yeppers, that's what I am going to do right now.!!!
tee hee
God is good.

America is blessed and will be if we truly are the Christian nation we say we are.    You know one of the things that irks me about this election business so much is that so SO SO SOO many "Christian" leaders are negative ninnies.  They say one good uplifting thing and then say the but word.
One of these days soon,,,,,I am going to have to address the but word and all its synonyms (is that spelled properly?)  But tonight, I am going to bed and dream of mountains and road trips.
Good Night
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