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Carol Varsalona
Ardent proponent of lifelong learning, reading, writing, and vigorous student-centered classrooms
Ardent proponent of lifelong learning, reading, writing, and vigorous student-centered classrooms

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Celebrating Acts of Kindness
This week I have celebrating kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week. While I believe that kindness should be a normal occurrence throughout the year, it is wonderful to have one week and a special day set aside to celebrate different ways to reach out...

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Heartfelt Creations
Poetry draws us into an experience. It can softly unfold sensory experiences, carefully present the underpinnings of the heart, and provoke thought on the part of the reader . It moves words to center stage as the writer mines and crafts them into individua...

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Winter Warmth
Amazed by the warmth of winter, my husband and I decided to explore the quiet beauty of the nature preserve last week. Our goal was to take in the serenity of the marshland and feel the peace of winter warmth before the expected snowstorm's arrival.  Soon a...

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Today, as we move through the 21st century, connectivity has increased, opening many channels that were not available before. Now, adults and students can communicate quickly and effectively through social media, expanding our reach to those around the glob...

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Did you receive a snowfall this week? Long Island did and I celebrate its arrival by writing and creating digital inspirations.

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Celebrating Winter Snow
It tiptoed into darkness with breathtaking deftness. I watched it glide and dance- patterning the night sky. Falling, it dusted earth  with a glistening white. No one heard its soft  descent until dawn when it boldly rushed in.  Announcing its arrival , win...

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Stilled Wonder
If you
enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of won der. Ray Bradbury Lady Winter strikes a variety of poses this season. Perhaps, she is preparing for a New York City runway show like she did last winter at the Gallery of Winter Wanderings . ...

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What's Next?
I read the tweets and headlines from educators, journalists, and legislators and then saw the 12 p.m. vote today and thought:  How will education look in the future?  I am not sure. What I do know is that committed, passionate educators with growth mindsets...

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All Eyes on Visual Literacy
Image created with the digital tools,  Tagul and  PicMonkey Classrooms alive with literacy are filled with noticings, wonderings, and investigations. Teachers are guides, coaches on a journey of discovery as students become the adventurers.  Idealistic, you...

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Some Kind of Wonderful
It's Saturday morning.  The sun is shining but the cold air smacks me in the face as I set off to drive  to a daylong work assignment. The highway is clear but then again it is Saturday. I start to relax at the wheel taking in the sights until I reach a con...
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