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androp - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (english translation)
(sorry for mystakes) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ooooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ooooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oooh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Popped flied story In every day life there are times when th...

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androp - Dreamer (english translation)
Are you ready? No, not yet, I'm dreaming. The dream I drew is almost here. Are you ready? Nono, not yet, I'm dreaming. I shall run and start searching in the unknown future! In the end of my notes I drew a picture of the future, cherish it The one who is hu...

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Spitz - minato (english)
(Minato is a "port") I'm not in Minato though I didn't come here to get on a ship Unknown people, standing in front of people's clearances There still is a thing I wanted to tell you become you went travelling far away I've brought a song that I made from s...

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Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol) (english translation)ぶっさwコミュ抜けるわw
  Oops (lol) comunity escape (lol) ぶっさwコミュ抜けるわw Bussa w komyu nukeru wa w A new song from UtataP o !!! Zunko 【東北ずん子】ぶっさwコミュ抜けるわw  (there are mistakes) Nothing to do today again, let's switch places! But there's no rice, people are not coming Even when a c...

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Imetore Boogie (english, romaji prototype) ♥
Image training boogie イメトレブギー Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク – 39D C89 --- *Imetore is from "Image training" = IME EJI TORE ININGU *Mitchie M apologizes that instead of "haimente" he used "hamente" *A song about a girl who is not familiar with love yet ?? --- This is...

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Ututu Daoko... help please with lyrics? 日本人助けてください!
Ok, I found this song because someone wanted it translated but there is no kanji for this so we are desperate (because the song it too beautiful <3) So here is only what I can hear. Please if you can help and correct mistakes and help me get the lyrics comp...

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Rie Tanaka - Sunset realize (english translation)
 Sunset☆realize  Futari wa precure Max heart 田中理恵  Sunset , where does the sun sleep? Sunset , what place do I belong? I make only mistakes, I don't have a courage, I can't get over it, I'm depressed... Cry! Cry! Realize that smile is always warm Realize th...

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MISIA - Ashita wa Motto Suki ni Naru (english translation)
I'll Love You Even More Tomorrow Ashita wa Motto Suki ni Naru Album: LOVE BEBOP 明日はもっと好きになる I was the kind of person that runs away from things that can't be changed, until I met you Tomorrow was supposed to be boring but there's the funny you, I want to pe...

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Muddy cloud (english translation)
Muddy cloud Deep black clouds are reflecting in the puddle The boring everyday life is starting again Ah, yes, that quiet somebody's shoes I'm telling you I did find them yesterday Ah, I hate it, it's a pain My favourite bag also had disappeared Expectation...

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MISIA - Anata ni SMILE (english translation)
Smile for you MISIA, Ki-Yo Smile for you, smile to heart, giving smile smile smile Smile for you, always smile, giving smile smile smile I'm just a little embarrassed but I want to tell you I love you You're always by my side, I want to make you happy forev...
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