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My first time eating Ramen! Super good food. I got the Tantanmen.

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Happy Earth Day!! 🌏🌎🌍

March for Science today!

Is anyone here well versed in Windows Server 2012? :)

I kinda screwed up ours... Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........................................


Qubes OS Update!

I got it installed! The actual installation wasn't hard at all. Installed my new SSD, plugged in the USB drive, and installed.

I've figured out how to do different VM's (Personal, Work, Privacy, etc.), without any real hassle.

I also finally figured out how to get Windows 7 Pro installed in a AppVM. This one took several hours for me to get going. Thank you to YouTube for your help on that one. :)

However, I'm still not able to figure out how to make the Windows 7 AppVM go Fullscreen. The option is there... but it's not doing it. So still some work to figure out on that one.

Next I need to see if it'll handle PS, AI, and LR. :P

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So far so good!!!! 😄😄😄

Late Night/Early Morning Attempt:

Installing Qubes OS on my laptop. :P

I shall report back later. Maybe. If my computer doesn't explode.

Question: I have a Google Sheet that has 5 columns that are different topics. Each topic/column has a list of emails below it. There are several topics/columns that have the same email address.

What I want to do is find out which email address's are in each topic/column more than once.

What is the best way to do this in GSheets? I tried a pivot table and that didn't work. Tried their Fusion table, and that didn't work. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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The opening to this is golden. 

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I was in the local newspaper the other day for the ACLU event I helped put on. 

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+Prince Wonder​, saw this in a gallery in Park City last night. 
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