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Cantrips have bothered me, but not because they free the wizard from throwing darts. I don't mind that spellcasters don't have to use mundane weapons and can contribute round to round for combat.

What does bother me is that some cantrips remove whole sections of problem solving. Some folks have suggested limiting cantrips to a certain number of times per day. That isn't satisfying because it puts spellcasters back to mundane weapons (your mileage may vary) and it would really change the default Warlock, a class that pretty much relies on Eldritch Blast.

So here's my house rules for cantrips, trying to go as lightly as possible while still maintaining an old school, problem-solving/resource tracking feel:

The following cantrips have concentration added to their duration:
Mage Hand
Minor Illusion
These cantrips already required concentration:
Dancing Lights
True Strike

True Strike no longer requires concentration (because it already takes a whole action to make one attack better).

The spellcaster may cast cantrips that require concentration with a 1st level spell slot to remove the concentration requirement.

I am now reading for the first time White Hack, thanks to +Wayne Rossi who traded it for a printed copy of the Pale Lady.

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Jungle kitty.

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Showing off her fluffieness in the co-op hallway. That carpet is long dead and getting replaced this month.

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My aunt is of your tribe, but is now suffering from dementia and in a care facility.  In cleaning out her apartment, we found boxes of Star Trek fandom.  I saved it from the dumpster (! the rest of the family never understood) and I'm considering how best to sell it to help pay for her care.  The link below is some of the items.
I am hoping to find resources, from databases to forums to people, that can help me price this in a fair fashion.

Besides the photos here, what I saved of her collection includes:
Dozens of signed photos, mostly TOS
Early convention materials
70s and 80s fanzines
Movie posters
Jewelry - star trek insignia badges, etc
Material from a Star Trek cruise
I'll be taking pictures and making a full inventory, but here are some examples: (yes, that is a handmade life sized bust of Spock)

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Like it, especially the anti-fire properties.

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Here, try this on and see what it does.
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