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Invoice Factoring Company, Accounts Receivable Financing, Freight Bill Factoring, Invoice Loans
Invoice Factoring Company, Accounts Receivable Financing, Freight Bill Factoring, Invoice Loans

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Credit worthy customers are the key to successful #factoring of #PurchaseOrder and #AccountsReceivable. Why would you risk your business doing business with accounts that can't or won't pay? 

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Purchase order financing is a valuable tool in the business funding arsenal. Leverage the money you need to produce orders through factoring verified purchase orders. Here's how to start:
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Apply the best advice from NFL coaches and watch your business dominate! 
4 Bits of Football Coach Wisdom That Are True on the Field and in Business #FootballFriday

Does your business have a sales cycle? It can be a challenge maintaining the #cashflow  needed for things to run smoothly ... and grow! #Factoring  #accountsreceivable evens out cash available. 

Focus and a plan -- both are necessary to optimize your funding windfall. Learn more in our Ebook: Winning the Financing Derby.  "Keep your priorities straight once you get financing. No matter what the motivation, developing a thought-out plan of attack will help you when financing comes through. That way, you’ll be able to easily stick to the plan and make upgrades for your business while also making timely payments to your lender."

Overnite Capital - Sponsored Athlete, Cesar De Alba

It is just over a year since #OverniteCapital and jockey Cesar DeAlba began our sponsorship journey. From the beginning, we have been happy to support Cesar’s riding as well as his commitment to responsible care for the horses during and after their careers.

As a professional jockey Cesar’s home base is Los Alamitos Race Course in Cypress, California.. His niche is Quarter Horse racing over shorter sprint distances. Races are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and Cesar can have as many as eight rides in an evening. Cesar’s ability to do this is testimony to his dedication to the sport and the rigorous fitness conditioning that enables him to be at the top of his sport.

When we think of Cesar, often our next thought is one of his mounts, Moonist. Moonist is a 4-year-old gelding who is the American Quarter Horse Association’s 2014 Overall Champion 3-Year-Old and Champion 3-Year-Old Gelding. This year, Moonist is again on track to dominate his division through the fall championship season.

Another of Cesar’s mounts is the Brazilian import Jake Gold BR, the 2014 AQHA South American Champion, now based in the U.S. Last week the pair won the Bank of America California Championship Challenge securing a berth in the Bank of America Championship Challenge that will include runners from the U.S., Canada, and Central and South America. #winning   #partnership  

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According to the Wall Stree Journal, family-owned businesses are a hot commodity and may be reaching peak valuation -- is the market cresting? Worth a look if you have a FOB. #EMILYGLAZER #ANUPREETADAS

When you #factor  your #accountsreceivable  through Overnite Capital, you get the #workingcapital  you need, you are freed from the worry of collections!

The demands of seasonal production may require additional staff or subcontractors. It's rough asking your people to wait until you get paid, and even more of a challenge to find the cash to pay them. #Factoring your seasonal #accountsreceivable  is your secret weapon for keeping your people happy and ready for the next challenge!

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Earned media increases visibility and credibility. Her are some tips from #EntrepreneurMagazine
How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Local News 
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