What do you think? Should Titanic's wreck be explored or left in peace?
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If someone is passionate enough to do the dive then I don't see whynot. As long as they leave it as is.
sumthings are nt meant to be disturbed
So viele Schiffe sind mit sehr vielen Menschen untergegangen aber nur die Titanic bleibt im Gedächtnis vieler Menschen gegenwärtig: Ich finde das Schade und mitunter auch unnötig. so viel Rummel um dieses eine Schiff zu machen, den Angehörigen der Verstorbenen bleibt sie sowieso immer Gegenwärtig.
+Christine D'Ambrosio - Google Translate ist sehr einfach zu bedienen, wenn Sie auf einem überwiegend Englisch-Forum schreiben wollen ...So many ships have gone down with a lot of people but only the Titanic remains in the memory of many people today, I think that's bad and sometimes unnecessary. for there to be so much hype about this one ship, the families of the deceased will always be present anyway. ... http://translate.google.com/
How much has already been taken from the Titanic? If someone wants to spend tons of money to go down there and collect Artifacts, it should be treated like any other shipwreck. It seems funny that people are so concerned about whether people are taking things off of one of thousands of shipwrecks in the ocean. It's just things, the people aren't there. I don't know why we glamorize the sinking of that ship. It was a terrible tragedy, that resulted in a tremendous loss of life. just like any other terrible tragedy usually does. PS Jack and Rose are fictional!
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