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Don't forget! The Great Nature Project starts this weekend! Find out how to participate.
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Are you ready for September? Check out the Explorer websites to access teaching resources, including the September Teacher's Guides!
national geographic young explorer. In this issue: take a trip to the beach; check out cool animal tongues; find out why some animals live in groups. visit the site. national geographic explorer pioneer edition. In this issue: see how animals beat the heat; meet an orphan baby elephant and her ...
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Meet Enric Sala, a scientist on a mission to save our seas. Check out his mission in the September issue of NG Extreme Explorer!

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Get information, facts, and more about Enric Sala, Marine Ecologist from National Geographic.
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BONUS! Play Firefly Challenge for FREE! (

Then check out the August issue to learn why fireflies and other organisms make their own light.

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Find out what #1YearonMars has been like for this little rover. 
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Check out 125 years of National Geographic history. The NG tumblr account, Found, showcases intriguing images from the archive. #letsexplore   #natgeo   #natgeofound   #photography   #natgeo125  
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See it. Snap it. Share it.

Join +National Geographic's  Great Nature Project!
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Would you eat a scorpion lollipop? How about a live termite? Check out these far-out foods and more in the September Home Edition for iPad!
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It's almost September, and that means it's time for a new Explorer year! We're kicking off September by journeying into the rain forest (Explorer) and beneath the waves (Extreme) with two National Geographic Explorers.

Learn more about these incredible scientists! First up: Lucy Cooke
Get information, facts, and more about Lucy Cooke, Zoologist/Filmmaker from National Geographic.
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The August issue is out! This month: swim with flat sharks, explore living lights, and visit an elephant orphanage. 

Check out the National Geographic Explorer Home Learning Edition (for iPad) here:

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What's 8 feet tall and smells like rotten meat? The corpse flower, of course. 
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Visitors to the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., were surprised by what they smelled when the corpse flower finally bloomed.
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Need a break? Browse the National Geographic Photo of the Day collection for a quick trip around the world.
See a photo of caiman crocodiles at night by Luciano Candisani, from National Geographic.
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National Geographic Explorer Magazine This is about the best.
พระสมเด็จวัดเกศไชโย พิมพ์ใหญ่9ชั้น

ประเภท : พระกรุเนื้อผง
ชื่อพระ/พิมพ์พระ : พระสมเด็จวัดเกศไชโย พิมพ์ใหญ่9ชั้น
ผู้สร้าง : สมเด็จพระพุฒาจารย์ โต พรหมรังสี 
สถานที่สร้าง : วัดเกศไชโยวรวิหาร อ.ไชโย จ.อ่างทอง
ศิลปะ/ยุคสมัย : รัตนโกสินทร์
อายุการสร้างประมาณ : 160ปี
ราคา : 2.2พันล้านบาท
เหตุผลที่ตั้งราคานี้ : มีเพียง1องค์ของสยามประเทศไทย
เจ้าของพระ : จักรวาล จันทุดม พระเก่าเก็บเดิมๆครับ

Prasomdej Wat Kej-Chaiyo (9stepped throne)
the one of Siam in Thailand.
Type : The Buddha image made from the sacred powder.
Name of the image of Buddha : Prasomdej Wat Kej-Chaiyo
(9stepped throne)
Supporter of casting : Somdejpra Budhacarn (To Prommarangsi)
Location of casting or finding : Wat Chaiyoworravihara Chaiyo
district Angtong province.
Era of the image of Buddha : Rattanakosin.
Year of casting : Approximately 160 year.
Price : 2,200,000,000 Baht

Auctions level of inter.
Companies Christie's, Hong Kong
China Guardian Hong Kong company
Sotheby's Hong Kong company
3 the Company at the above mentioned collections are always welcome.

The Company's three mentioned above, is the world's leading auction company. Would cull art antiquities called a masterpiece of values that have long grown stronger it out onto the field for the auction to collectors around the world have the right to bid on the auction. Ancient art pieces and other religious objects. That the right to occupy a piece of work that is required by the rules and regulations set forth by the law correctly.

Number nine is an auspicious number Because a number of the most valuable. This is a sign of greatness. In addition, the pronunciation of the number nine is a homophone to the word "long lasting" represents the last stand. From past to present, the number nine is a number that won the hearts of the Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as parents who are ethnic Chinese all along. Thailand is no different with the number 9 is an auspicious number. Because a number of the most valuable is the belief of the West.

National Geographic Explorer Magazine is a media company publication that Thailand's favorite. This is a great collection of one specimen. And hope that the The National Geographic Explorer Magazine would like as well.

Rentals today 2.2 billion The new price at 4 billion This can be done.
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