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Gamer for 79% of my life

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So, I'm looking for your favorite DCC PCs for the Reaver's Gallery for future Meanderings issues. (And likely to become paper minis, or submit your own paper mini as well.) Free copy of issue in which your PC appears.

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Who wants to collaborate on making SR Showdown entries?

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11. Burn a point of Luck check to pull something useful out of the bag once during the funnel, make a Fort save as well. (-1 Stamina if failed; post-funnel.)
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Check here for the current GamerCon Schedule.

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Spring Cleaning...Done or Duplicates sale! Ask questions as required. additional photos upon request. (Discounts for 4+ books) Trades work also.
Reduced offers now entertained...

sold The Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children $35
Slugs $25 removed until i locate my other copy.

on hold Thundarr the Barbarian (still wrapped) $20 + full shipping
Deathworld 1 & 2 by Harry Harrison $5 for the pair
Space Marine Codex (4e) $2

Pathfinder ($150 as a lot)
Advanced Class Guide (Pocket) $15
GameMastery Guide (Pocket) $15
Core Rulebook (fair, spine weak, table wear) $20
GameMastery Guide $20
Advanced Player’s Guide $20
Advanced Race Guide $20
Ultimate Magic $20
Ultimate Combat $20
Ultimate Equipment $20
Guide to the River Kingdoms $8
Pathfinder Society Field Guide $8
Seekers of Secrets $8
Dark Markets, a Guide to Katapesh $8
GM Screen $8
Knights of the Inner Sea $7

L1 Secret of Bone Hill $15
sold U2 Danger at Dunwater $15
sold Lankhmar - City of Adventure (Map present, slight tear) $20
Dark Sun - Complete Gladiator’s Guide (name on inside) $30
Forgotten Realms - Warriors and Priests $30

Rifts ($35 for all)
Sourcebook 1 $10
Phase World $10
England $10
Xiticix Invasion $10

Exalted - Dragon Blooded $10
Valiant Universe Quickstart free with purchase or $1
sold Traveler Pocket edition $5
XCrawl - Guild sourcebook $5
Diaspora (Fate) $8

Media Mail on all except Thundarr.
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Meanderings #3 is now available for sale.

Limited signed and numbered Silver covers are available through me while supplies last (25 were printed. just under 10 remain.) Additional copies available as unlimited with grey covers (first print)

Cost is $6 plus shipping ($2 shipping US, $3 shipping to Canada, $3.50 to most other locations.)

Contact information in replies.

PDF linkn supplied once the physical copy has been received. The PDF will go up for sale on Drivethru RPG in about 2 weeks.

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Very different from my take. But as with every martial art style...variety is good.
Thoughts on a DCC monk
Thoughts on a DCC monk
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Welcome to the GLOW - At Ease Games March 25th Noon
Come join us for a Fallout Inspired Mutant Crawl Classics game. 0-levels will be provided, or bring your existing characters from a previous Welcome to the Glow Event. (January was Gaming on Grand in Escondido) (February was GamerBowl at the 10th Avenue The...
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FLGS bought a collection, most of the PRIMO stuff got bought, but I think there are some gems still in there. Would you guys like me to take pics, and for a nominal fee to cover gas and time (it's about a 20 minute drive), cherry pick for you? (Most of the prices are half cover. I picked up a VG copy of X1 for $6. Picked up a near complete Lahnkmar AD&D set for 1/2 cover)

The Spring 2018 issue of Meanderings is in final production, however, my previous editor is too busy. So I could use another editor. Pay for now is still just copy (I hope to alleviate that this year).

This will also mark the Beginning of the 2018 Subscription for Meanderings. (I'll announce the subscription just before I go to print.)

Cost is going up to $6 per issue ($3.50 PDF) As always a print copy gets a free PDF. Shipping $2 in the US ($3 to Canada)...sorry I ended up losing money on shipping when I reduced it last time. I'm thinking the Subscription will be $24 for the year shipping included (In the US).

Topics for this issue Include:
A review of Hubris.
Classes of Bastion (The Graft)
Umbral Market (Bioarcana Grafts)
3 Unique Magical Weapons
Using Luck Defensively
and more!

Summer 2018 will Include the:
The Chymist
Anatomy of the Dwarven Charge Rifle
Magic as Technology
Umbral Market (Technoarcana Grafts)

I will be looking for writers for next issue as well. I'm hoping to be able to pay Copy plus 1 cent per word.

Also looking for additional artists, unfortunately that will still be 'for copy'.
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