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Gamer for 60% of my life

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Excellent. It was 1983 for me. I don't remeber the day. I eas 12.

So I decided to create the equivalent to Coalition MARS occupations. _

here's the beginning:

Coalition Grunt
The front line of the Coalition States, With minimal training, and exceptional propaganda, these foot soldiers are put on the front lines to face deebees, demons and magic-users. They are not expected to survive long.

Add one die type to Vigor.
Begin with Throwing d4, Shooting d6, and Fighting d6
Begin with the Coalition Military Edge.
Begin with Illiterate, Enemy (Federation of Magic) and, Vow (Coalition) Hindrances

Gain 1 Roll on the Coalition Training, and Coalition Field Operations tables.
And an additional 3 rolls, on the Experience and Wisdom, Coalition Field Operations, Coalition Training, Coalition Equipment, or Coalition Training tables.

Begin Play with CA-2 Heavy Dead Boy armor (+7 Armor, +2 Toughness), C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle, C-18 Laser Pistol, Vibro-knife, 2 frag grenades, 4 Clips for each weapon, and 2d6x100 credits.

You can advance into other specialties, such as RPA Elite and Specialist through the Coalition Training tables.

Picked up some SW PDFs during the GMs Day Sale.

So far Codex Infernus is looking very promising.

A Couple of races that are easily imported (I like the Cambion, and Varg), as well as some new spell trappings: Holy, Purification, Ward, Infernal, Soulfire, and Necrotic.

More later as I read it more!

The Savage Rifts - Overwatch crossover was played this weekend.

This is very much a one-shot adventure. It begins when Tracer's Chronal Accelerator is damaged and malfunctions, it tears a hole in space time and dumps the characters onto a small ley line on Rifts Earth between Fort El Dorado and Castle Refuge.

Encounter 1: After being dumped on the Ley Line, Tracer is out of phase, and the Rift shrinks to inches. If Tracer is a PC, then Winston can bring her back in phase. If Tracer is not being played, then she remains out of phase and tethered to the Rift. Screams and Energy weapon fire is heard in the distance. (The fire fight will reach the PCs if they don't investigate)

Encounter 2: Skelbots (1/PC) are chasing/firing at a lone Cyberknight, injured and out of Power Points, he is running.

Encounter 3: The Cyberknight (an RP encounter which gives the PCs the information they need to get home, but requires freeing a Ley Line Walker from a ruined village.)

Encounter 4: The Rescue: This is a gnarly encounter, a total of 2 defenders per PC. The Ley Line Walker is shackled in a room, awaiting a Deathshead Transport. In the encounter I ran, I used 7 skelebots, 1 skelebot heavy, 1 Spiderskull walker, 3 dogboys and a Psi-Stalker*.

Encounter 5: Back to Earth?

I need to make a few tweaks to the Overwatch characters I created, but they were close.

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Savage Rifts & Mutant Chronicles This is a great resource, and game in itself. The Magic system is different from the standard Savage Worlds point based system, but...

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New unpublished weapons and options added to my IZ page.

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Here we go, a general overview of the edges in Achtung! Cthulhu.

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I need to BUY THIS soon, a Mutant Chronicles/Savage Rifts game would be AMAZING!

I can't wait for the Wave 2 Kickstarter.

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Savage Rifts and Achtung! Cthulhu
So awhile back I picked up the Achtung! Cthulhu PDFs (I think via a Bundle of Holding, or possibly just a sale on DTRPG). Been looking at the edges and hindrances, and there are some that would make great Savage Rifts additions. I'll give them the a minor r...
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