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The holidays are fast approaching. In the blink of an eye, we will all be scrambling to find Christmas gifts for our friends and family. The pressure to choose the perfect gift during the holiday season is especially high since most people already have what they want. Most people fall back on the same variety of backup gifts – candles, shaving kits, holiday themed mugs, etc. Although these are nice gifts if you are completely lost, they lack uniqueness. Seriously…how many Christmas mugs does one person need?
Luckily the trend of gift experiences is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the holiday season. Most people have time off in December and January. During this time, they are also willing to try things that do not correspond with their regular schedule. That is why we believe that the holiday season in the perfect time to give your loved ones the gift of an experience. Not only will it be unique, but it will give them something to remember for years to come!
At Epic Experiences, we love when people get out and try something new. Below is our holiday gift guide for everyone on your list – you won’t even need to check it twice!

Dog Sledding – 2 Hour Adventure
Most Canadians have two things in common – they love animals and exploring the great outdoors. The animal and nature lover on your list will surely appreciate the opportunity to lead their own team of dogs through the Canadian Wilderness. This one of a kind experience with the adorable and friendly Canadian Huskies is surely something that will not be forgotten. It might also be the cutest thing on this list.

Calgary Macaron 101 Baking Class
A fun gift experience for families, this baking class will teach them the art of the French macron! They will even have their own box of macarons to take home at the end of class. Even better? They might even include their new macaron making skills in their Christmas baking for you to try next holiday season!

Edmonton Brewery Tour
Edmonton is filled with some of the trendiest breweries around. Give the gift of this Saturday guided tour to any beer lover on your list. They will learn about the brewing process, as well as be treated to beer samples and a delicious lunch. This tour is a unique gift idea and a great learning opportunity, with a side of entertainment of course!

Johnston Canyon Icewalk®
A winter hike in Banff is one of the most adventurous and picturesque things to do. For the adventurer on your list, this experience will teach them how the Johnston Canyon was formed. It will also give them an opportunity to see a unique view of the lower falls and lead them to the breathtaking upper icefalls.

Ultralight Trike Flight
Seeking new hights for yourself or know someone who has flying on their bucket list. You can experience the trill of flying with this Ultralight Trike Flight. There are no prerequisites or requirements to enjoy this initial flight except for the desire to experience something new, exciting and addictive.

Snowshoeing Guided Tour
Snowshoeing through a deep snow field was one of the most memorable parts of the Canadian elementary school experience. Give the kid at heart on your list the opportunity to try it again in Kootenay National Park! Not only will they get to explore a winter wonderland, they will also be treated to some special maple taffy made in the snow. Now that is a truly Canadian gift experience!

Wine Tasting
There is at least three people on your holiday gift list who love to indulge in a glass of wine every so often. This group gift will check many people off your list at once. They will be guided by wine expert Dennis Miller for an evening of education and fun. This is a great social gift experience and will help the participants “find value in the world of wine.”
To see the entire experience collection visit our Epic Experiences online store

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The Gift of an Experience

It's 2017 and most people are too busy to physically go to a store and purchase a gift for someone else. If they do find the time, consumers often get rushed and choose the first thing that meets the criteria of a "decent" gift. But really, what is a decent gift by 21st century standards?
Most people give material gift items out of convenience. However, there is a shift towards gifts that cannot simply be wrapped up in a ribbon and bow. At Epic Experiences, we have found that consumers want to give their loved ones a gift that they will remember forever. Something that cannot be purchased in a store, replicated by other brands, or re-gifted. Instead, they are looking to give the gift of an experience.
When an individual receives a unique gift, such as an experience package, an opportunity is created. Not only will the recipient get a chance to try something new and go on an adventure, but they will also create memories. The individual will associate the experience with the gift giver and relationship bonds will be strengthened. They will have something to talk about and look back on for years to come. A material item can be easily forgotten, but a memory lasts a lifetime.
Epic Experiences' blog is a platform to provide you with details about the gift experiences that we offer and also to use it as an opportunity to suggest different gift ideas for specific occasions. Our goal is to show you the benefits of nonmaterial gift items and we want to be the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for something unique. Keep an eye out for our future blog posts and use the comment section to suggest any other content you would like to see covered. If you want to see more from Epic Experiences, subscribe to our newsletter here: follow us on social media.

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Make Flyboard Experience the most exciting experience this summer and get your adrenaline level rise.

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Everyone has that one hard-to-buy person. Looking for a unique gift idea?

Shop at to find the right gift experience for your loved ones.
Epic Experiences offers unique gift experience packages of #Entertainment, #Wellness services, #Sports, #Adventure, #Corporate and more to bring excitement, fun and “Wow!” emotions to any special occasion. We believe the memories that left with person is the best gift to give.

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