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Randy DeMoville
Pastor of International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Pastor of International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Just started receiving an error out of the blue. A certain table is producing an error that it is either inaccessible or empty. This table has been there, unchanged, for months. It is not empty in that it has a header row (first row)... and I already had the column structure set in AppSheet months ago. I deleted the table, and then added it back. It recognizes the table to add it, but as soon as it goes to refresh the app, the same error occurs. I've had to delete the table from the app to be able to use the rest of the app for now. Nothing stands out about the table except the length of the table name. Has a new limit on the spreadsheet name been implemented?

One of our users of the app is experiencing a problem that I have witnessed with my own eyes...

When there is a referenced list view under a form view, it shows items and then has the "details" and "new" links... in this case it is an empty list still... so we want to tap "new" to go to the form to add something. However, the link does not take him anywhere on his ANDROID phone. Works perfectly on my IPHONE.

It had worked in the past on his phone, but the pencil is also at the bottom right of the screen now, and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. The pencil does take him to edit the form. So tapping is working on his phone, it's just the "new" link that does nothing when tapped.

Any ideas/help?

Thank you.

OK, I have a situation that I could use help with.

Using Valid If, I have been able to limit the names that show up as options to select from so that the same person cannot be enrolled twice in the same class. Works perfectly when adding a new enrollee. However, the problem is now if we attempt to EDIT that same record... when I go to submit any changes, the same Valid If that works great for adding is telling us that the field is "Invalid."

SELECT(Students[Student Name],IN([Student Name],SELECT(Enrollment[Student Name],[_THISROW].[Schedule Id] = [Schedule Id]))=FALSE)

So, the question is, can I have the "valid if" recognize we are editing and not adding so that it does not give this error? Is there something to add to the valid if statement to INCLUDE the row's previously stored value as valid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone explain why the "row header" is not showing up but the actual "key/id" and there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. I can't figure out how to get the "row header" to show back up. Help please.

I know we can show / hide columns based on criteria. It would be very nice if I could use criteria to show / hide the ability to add a new row.

If based on the current useremail() for instance I can assign if the person can only update / if they can add records.

Does this exist and I am just missing it? Or is this something that could be in the works?

Same type of options could be employed for example to leave a record open for updates unless it has been marked "closed" in a column and then it is not longer editable (not just greyed out - but no option to "edit"). 

We are having problems with a number of our apps. It is sporadic but increasingly troublesome. Sometimes it just hangs. Often it is just crashing. Other times we are getting messages that it can't load the template. There is no particular reason or rhyme to it; it has just slowed down extremely even with an app that has basically very little data in the sheet.

Any insight? Big issue being worked on right now?

Apps in particular: HACPHACADEMICS-50225, IBCDSUNDAYSCHOOL-50225-164236

But really it's all of them. Thanks for any help that can be provided; I'm working to get my folks excited about using these apps, but the initial rolling it out is not very impressive when these problems are occurring.

Slice of a slice. (For those who don't want so big a piece) :)

If we've already filtered from the table a slice based on criteria, but then want to further filter without re-creating the whole slice, it would be nice to reference a slice instead of a table. Just a thought.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Just in the past couple of days I've seen my app error out over and over again... seems to be connection issues with google sheets. Today, this is showing up...

Wow, this file is really popular! Some tools might be unavailable until the crowd clears.

Not sure what would be causing this, but it's random. I'm the only one working on this file through AppSheet, so don't understand the "overload."

It would be wonderful if format rules could be applied to a slice, not just the table. So that in certain views if a criteria was true the format would change, but not so in other views. Any thought to this?

Think I've found a bug.

I have a ref column which is "required."

That column also has a valid_if which appropriately can end up being an empty list. When it is empty, it does not show up in the form at all. The form loads and if I click "save" it adds a row to the sheet with the "required" column empty.

If I could have it my way, I'd like to keep the "new" link from showing if certain conditions are met. Otherwise, if the form must show up, it should fail if the required field is empty.
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