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Evan Bean
Always looking for the next great plant
Always looking for the next great plant

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Garden Tours: Kuzma Garden
As I write this post on Sunday, Mother Nature is teasing me with dry breaks, even some sun, scattered between heavy showers. I was debating donning full rain gear to start planting, but a particularly heavy shower accompanied by wind made me reconsider. So ...

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February Flowers, Foliage, and a Vignette
Like many in the Pacific Northwest, I'm feeling decidedly despondent concerning my garden. Many of us are watching treasured plants slowly show more and more damage incurred in what has been a severe winter for our region. I'm fighting the winter gloom by c...

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Summer Garden Tours: The Plant Station (and yet another PNW Snopocalypse)
I had the thought to share my goals for the garden this year, but to do so would require up-to-date pictures of the various areas of the garden, particularly the problem areas. I don't have many wide-shots, especially of those areas, and the latest dump of ...

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Finding joy in the winter garden at Joy Creek Nursery
Last Saturday, bloggers from the Portland area (and a bit beyond, in my case) gathered at Joy Creek Nursery for their Blogger Appreciation Day. The nursery doesn't officially open for the season until the end of February, but the owners Maurice and Mike wan...

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January Favorites and Wednesday Vignette
This winter is certainly turning out to be a good test for hardiness and plants that look good in winter despite snow, ice, and multiple days below freezing. My garden is full of young plants showing various levels of damage. Some are outright dead, while m...

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From Snowy to Soggy
Yesterday the thaw finally began in my garden. Temperatures hovered around 34 for most of the day until sometime after noon, when it shot up to 46F. Rain and wind accompanied the rising temperature, and by the time it got dark there was only a little snow l...

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Is it spring yet?
I was really hoping to write a post evaluating how some of my plants made it through the last Arctic blast we experienced, which brought one night of almost 11F and several nights in the low to mid teens. Oh well, the full extent of the damage won't be appa...

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Wednesday Vignette: Fire in the Snow
I'm starting to feel that I've shared my silver Mahonia confusa way too many times, but here it is again, getting its own feature. It might be that I have it planted where I can see it from my desk while I work, so it catches my eye frequently. I wasn't pla...

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December 2016 Favorites
This time of year, my favorite plants are basically anything that's evergreen and doesn't look like a photosynthetic drowned rat. Oh, and houseplants. This time of year, I smother my houseplants with attention, probably more than they want or need. I really...

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Wednesday Vignette: Forest on a Frond
I'm joining in this week for Wednesday Vignette, hosted by Anna at Flutter&Hum , with just a single photo instead of doubling up my posts. Like last week, I didn't get my act together to write my post in advance, and so I'm unprepared for more than a quick ...
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