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Jason Bean
I'm a blink of understanding in a web of confusion
I'm a blink of understanding in a web of confusion

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Dear Google Maps it would be nice to have a tool to draw radius circles for distance from a point on the map. #maps #distance #logistics

The inability/unwillingness for Facebook to show me updates in chronological order reliably and as asked is annoying. #facebook #comeonman

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It is just me or is it ironic that there's a site for financial planning and budgeting tips? #saywhat #smh #facepalm

Whew! First softball games of the season last night and leg workout today. I'll be taking some Valerin from Wonder Laboratories to ease that pain!

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Here's another good post from my friend Mark. | Is Your Life Tuned to Your Core Values? | Mark Stanifer, Life Coach

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Good article from a friend of mine.

You know what really ticks me off? After 20 minutes I STILL don't know what Susan Boyle looks like after losing 101lbs! #clickbait

Dear website, your site is loaded with good, helpful content and information... rendered absolutely useless because of the over-proliferation of advertisements! Bye.

My #MarchMadness bracket is perfect in Midwest and South, let's hope that at least continues all the way through! Only 1 off in the East.

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Sometimes there's just nothing like a good burger! #nomnomnom
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