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Ginger Long
Spirited, Self-Guided Anthropologist in Search of the Meaning of My Life
Spirited, Self-Guided Anthropologist in Search of the Meaning of My Life

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While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

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Radicalization of Equality: We Have Met the Enemy and She is Us
I’ve never been one to ignore the gorilla in the room.  Or at least that is what I believed about myself with a great and passionate conviction for a very long time.  Zeal, even.  Life…growing older, marriage, children, divorce, work, etcetera and so on, ha...

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Read This: Randome Thoughts While Hiking
decided to bring things up a notch and try a night of wilderness camping along
with my high peak hiking.   Overnight
camping.   I have done this in the
Adirondacks only two other times.   Once
with my son because don't boys need those big manly bonding ti...

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Songs of Dedication
listening to De-Li’-ful.   Well let’s just
call her that for the sake of this story...   And
De-Li’-ful reminds me, on the off chance that I went into a sappy love song
induced coma, by announcing to me and
all of her listeners right before a commercial...

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Go Big, or Go Tell it on a Mountain
I really like to hike.  Well sometimes I  love  to hike. And there are times when hiking and I wrestle our way toward some possible understanding of a beautiful symbiotic bond, which is really just a choke-hold, in an effort to avoid figuring out if I reall...

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Rocky Peak Ridge and adventuring towards what's next?

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Hiking and Me- A Symbiotic Love Story

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The Age of Softness and Feather Lightness
I went to the river to catch
my breath and breathe in deeply.   To
inhale the briny scent, this cologne of life churning forth, in peace and
gratitude.   Pulling tightly those currents against, I anticipate currents
flowing with ease ahead.   I exhale them
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