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National Game Design Month (NaGa DeMon)
NaGa DeMon - You design a game, play your game and talk about your game in November!
NaGa DeMon - You design a game, play your game and talk about your game in November!

National Game Design Month (NaGa DeMon)'s posts

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November is getting closer... Are you ready for NagaDemon?

Hi everybody, I apologise for being very quiet this year in the lead-up to NaGa DeMon. Life took some unexpected turns this year and I am still trying to find some equilibrium. I AM still here to offer all my support to you brave souls about to take up pen and dice and face this great challenge! Good luck!

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The 2013 National Game Design Month survey is very easy - it only has two questions and you only have to answer one of them!

If you participated in NaGa DeMon in 2013, why?
If you didn't participate in NaGa DeMon in 2013, why?

By "participate" I mean attempted to make a game (you didn't have to complete it). For further explanation on why I am asking these questions, check out this post: 

Don't forget, if you have completed your game, or just written something awesome about this year's event that you would like to share with others, you can link to the 2013 Slayers page:

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It's December 1 in my part of the world! WOW! Congratulations to everyone that participated this year, and thanks.

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Great to see everyone still powering through their game design and play-testing! This point in the month can be pretty tough for some (especially with things like Thanksgiving approaching), but have confidence and keep up the great work! Don't forget to share your conversations!

A new "link-up" is open for you to share your conversations!

Lot's of people have linked up with week 1's "Share the Conversations". Have you?

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I have been visiting the posts / pages that people have linked to on the first "Share The Conversation" post: 

There is some very cool stuff happening. I encourage everyone to visit and comment on at least one person's blog/post - show them some love!

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New post! A neat way to collate everyone's conversations.
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