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Wim Van Leuven
Technology Leader, Chief Architect, Hands-on
Technology Leader, Chief Architect, Hands-on

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Been struggling with Belgium eID this morning ... not much of an improvement since its launch ... which 2009, right?

Such an opportunity it was, but it proves to be a lost promise?

Do you have any experiences to share?

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Drone, Droner, Dronest #lovingit  

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This is a message for all #Hackerspaces  and #FabLabs  in #Belgium . Please forward to any related parties you might know.

For a design assignment, I'm creating an artistic map of Belgium with all hackerspaces and fablabs included. I want to use your logo and facade to create your personal representation on the map.

So this is a small call for help to collect as many logo's and pictures of the facade of your hackerspace as possible. For the logo, a vector format is of course appreciated, but I can manage other formats as well. The pictures of the facade will not be used as-is, but will be used as a basis for a more abstracted, but still recognisable rendering (if feasible).

And ... I'm (of course) on a tight timeline. With only three weeks to go before my deadline, I would like to ask you to send me these logo's and facade pictures ASAP. If your logo already contains a reference to your facade, I can of course use that.

It stands beyond any doubt that when finished, the map will be made available as freely as possible.

Thanks for you help,
Christophe VG

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Strange things people claim ... or rather believe ...

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Team Content is proud to announce the availability of the official Call for Participation for #Fri3d #Camp 2014.

Fri3d Camp is a 3-night (and day) outdoor gathering of people interested in the current #hacking & #making scene, concerned with the impact of #technology in general, with a strong focus on #education and nature. Although technology-oriented, one of the driving forces behind the camp is #family . Our kids are the future and we want to help them discover it in a right way.!

Fri3d Camp is now requesting proposals for content. We are looking for YOU: hackers, makers, artists, crafters, geeks, scientists, engineers, parents, kids. We need people to talk about and share what they love and why they love it. The sky is (not) the limit and any topic adhering to the fundamental spirit of the camp goes: #electronics , #quad -copters, #3D printing, the #internet -of-things, #paper craft, #security , #freedom -of-speech, #genetic modification, #music , #fimo art, #beer brewing,…!

Spread the word through any channel you have access to.

Team Content

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Tijd om het media-geile #OpenGarage  duiveltje in #AnthonyLiekens  te voeden ... (uit Sebato/De Tijd)
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