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Karen Bovard is The ShuttleSmith
Karen Bovard is The ShuttleSmith

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Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop 2017 -- part 2
Just thought I’d post some of the pictures I had taken at The Shuttlebirds 2017 Tatting Workshop. The first photo (below) shows the materials and space we used to decorate the base shuttles for the Make-It-Take-It workshop of creating personal glass/enamel ...

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Follow up to the Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop and Make-It-Take-It glass/enameled/copper tatting shuttles
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending The Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop in WA/Idaho. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was testing out a workshop concept of 'Make-It-Take-It' enameled/glass/copper shuttles. The idea was that I created the base s...

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Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop & Make-It-Take-It Enamel/Glass Tatting Shuttles
I'M SOOO EXCITED! I leaving tomorrow to go to Spokane, WA to the Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop. I have been there once (probably 15+ years ago). Looking forward to seeing alot of old and new friends from that part of the country. I'm teaching, vending, a...

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New Glass Enamel Tatting Shuttle in time for Valentine's Day
Just in time for Valentine's Day!   Just found it in my stash....I had forgotten about it!

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Anyone else like ORANGE as much as I do?!?
 Here are 5 new Glass Enamel Tatting Shuttles handmade by me just in time for Halloween or Fall. Available for adoption for $25 each on my Etsy Shop:

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New Pattern Uploaded to my website
Click here to access this pattern on TheShuttleSmith website

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New Original Tatted Cross (almost) Done in time for Easter
I just finished the tatting of this cross this morning.  The ‘almost’
done part of this project is all the ends (2 ends X  20 motifs = 40
thread ends) to complete.  I have a train trip planned in about two
weeks that this project is perfect for!  This cr...

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4 New Glass/Enamel Tatting Shuttles
Turquoise nugget. Chartreuse Base with dark green & 2 colors of purple accents Spruce Green base color with Dark Blue 'polka-dots' Various shades of purple/pink--The 'Purple-Nurple' shuttle I just added 4 new Glass Enamel Tatting Shuttles to my Etsy store: ...

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My New Jewelry
         #1: Carnelian beads coordinated with an orange focal (Jasper?) drop. #2: Flourite & amethyst beads with a flourite focal bead. #3: Sugilite and metal beads. #4: Jade & garnet beads with a jasper focal bead. #5&6: handmade (by me) enameled pendant d...

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My tatting shuttle collection
The photos shows what my tatting shuttle collection looks like.  This
is the glass case that I have and the reason why I didn’t buy any of
the metal/glass boxes I found recently in The Pottery Barn store. I have had this glass/metal box for several years ...
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