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Kick At The Darkness ---Till it Bleeds Daylight!
Kick At The Darkness ---Till it Bleeds Daylight!


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if You missed it >>>>> GOOd NEws<<<<

I got an apartment, subsidised.

( whoohoo I wont be risking homeless since my rent has been 120% of my income for 2 + years )

Now please help me fill it with beautiful things for when you visit

< and add me on Pluspora >
Good News Everybody

> come back in a few minutes and see the good news.

After 10.5 Long Gruelling Years, ( whole time I was on Plus and more ) Flesh eating bacteria from a hospital shot,
Multiple of bouts of Chronic fatigue, Lymphoma Scare, My Left nut swelling up like a grape , 3 eviction Processes. Losing most of my possessions, Multiple sources of chronic and acute pain , Homeless twice, getting trapped in this one room nicotine stained hellhole for 7 years, My cats dying, Losing contact with basically Everyone in my life, ....

I finally , ( FINALLY ) have subsidized housing and move in 11 days...!

Yes I need To Fundraise ( !) I Need Everything to furnish an Apartment, and right away (! )
and May need to pay out of pocket to Modify it for my disabilites * ( Small fiber Neuropathy .. )

MY paypal >>>>>>>>>>>>

I will also accept donations for stuff. or of stuff **
( I have to get rid of most of my stuff now because current apt has Moth infestations.
Every piece of clothing I bought in the last 2 years is wrecked )

Amazon wishlist coming soon?

( furniture here isnt mine and all mine was lost in moves )

I need a New bed, new desk . ergonomc / gamer chairs . I need housewares, sheets, Non Motheaten clothing, Computer Hardware, LED strip lighting,

and I NEED to see your faces!!! I want to Host you here for free once my place is set up.

If you have been my follower for a while I want to you to visit my new place. Its In Boston( ish ) .

( its a nice Neighborhood, Great T access, Great City, Music, shows, Best sports teams in the country , History, 7 major US Universities nearby , medical ans science conferences )

So please donate , so I can make this place a beautiful haven and you can come see me in my new chapter of Life.

PS I have Never mass fundraised before, I dont know what Im doing, I will humbly take all guidance and suggestions

< * They are supposed to do it, but are screwing it up. whats most important is I can stand up and walk like a normal friggin human; I just need equal access, and that means special Mods and padding >

** If you have something to send me notify me for my sddress
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[VIDEO] A suit that helps the paralysed to walk

"Paralysis occurs when the brain's impulses to move can't reach the relevant muscles due to damage higher up the nervous system. But often some weaker signals are detectable with sophisticated sensors. A 'hybrid assistive limb' suit, or 'exoskeleton', can pick up those signals, and, with sophisticated robotics, help the limbs to move again. Scientists hope that with training this could help build the synaptic connections required for further rehabilitation..."

#future = #REALnews #health #medicine #medtech #wellness #tech #innovation #science #design #biotech #biology #xMed #singularity #engineering #ai #artificialintelligence #robots #automation
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"John, in his late 50s, was born with cerebral palsy, and struggles to walk. He has cycled since the age of six, but when a neighbour started photographing him on his bike four years ago, he stopped, fearing he would be reported and that his benefits would be taken away.

He said: “I can’t walk properly. Walking is dangerous for me, because I have falls, but if I get on a bike or get in a swimming pool then you can’t tell I have got cerebral palsy.

“I used to cycle to work every day. I haven’t cycled for four years, and it has ruined my life; it’s awful. Cycling to me is just as important as the day I fell in love.

“I thought I would be cycling until I was 90. I was going to put a badge on the bike saying ‘I’m a disabled cyclist, if you knock me over and kill me don’t blame yourself, this is the way I would have wanted to go, out on my bike’.”

Isabelle Clement, director of Wheels for Wellbeing, said: “If it’s stopping people cycling it is also probably stopping them trying to do any physical activity, because people are so concerned about the hostile environment out there.

“It condemns them to worse health, shorter lives and social isolation, which can lead to depression. I am sure this isn’t the policy intention but it is a result of the current environment.

“I think the government needs to really tackle that through statements, through clarifications; really get the message out once it’s aware of it, which by now it must be. Otherwise, even with the best and most inclusive cycling infrastructure, those who could benefit most won’t be able to access it.”"

And that's how governments achieve savings, "We know that ALL of you are bad people, we just haven't caught all of you, yet.
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It looks like we’re making progress in the battle against the Big C. A group of scientists has revealed that they have discovered “a way to make a cancer cell kill switch and cause the cancerous cells to kill themselves in multiple ways, simultaneously.”
The group of researchers from Northwestern University in America have spent the past eight years analysing and studying the complex set of genes and the many regulatory molecules which make up the human body.
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