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All the names - Valentines Park, Ilford
The strategy of thwarting mortality and getting yourself remembered by inscribing your name on some sort of memorial has been around since the Assyrians invented cuneiform and the Egyptian's hieroglyphics. The
Parks Service of Redbridge Council aim to assis...
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The Coffin Works & Warstone Lane Cemetery - a date with death in Birmingham
there a more entertaining way to spend a cold, dull, and wet day at the fag end
of the year than in taking yourself off to Birmingham and visiting a coffin
furniture factory and a graveyard? Probably, but I still enjoyed myself
visiting the Coffin Works ...
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An eminent botanist, a living fossil and the man who fell to earth; Friedrich Welwitsch (1806-1872), Kensal Green Cemetery
Death of an
Eminent Botanist.—A remarkable man, Frederick Welwitsch, well known in
scientific, and especially botanical circles, died on Sunday afternoon, in
little lodging in Fitzroy Street, near Tottenham Court Road, London. The
deceased devoted his whole...
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The Lisbon Dead; O Cemitério do Alto de São João, Lisboa
For no good reason I can’t help
feeling slightly guilty for deserting, even temporarily, the subject of (dead)
London and Londoners. The idea of a sister blog called the Lisbon Dead has appealed to me for some time but I barely have time
for one blog and I’...
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Brief Lives; children's memorials in London cemeteries
There can't be many situations as difficult to deal with as the death of a child. High rates of child mortality into the early 20th century meant that in the past it was a much more common experience than it is today and one that parents had to go through m...
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Les Cimetières de Londres - Guy Vaes (Jacques Antoine, Bruxelles, 1978)
stumbled across the writer Guy Vaes’ 1978 photography book ‘Les cimetières de Londres’
by complete fluke when I was recently researching the Victorian architect
Thomas Willson. Vaes mentions Willson in passing in the introductory essay to
his book and as ...
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'Exquisite Pain' - Damien Hirst, St. Bartholomew-the-Great, West Smithfield
Bartholomew is one of the nondescript apostles, one of the 12 who seems to be
there simply to make up the numbers. The gospels don’t even agree on his name;
in the synoptic gospels he is Bartholomew but to John he was Nathanael. Even
Christ barely notice...
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The Way We Die Now - Seamus O'Mahony (£7.99 Head of Zeus)
“This is not a
book of consolation: death is simply affliction and the end of our days. We are
frail and vulnerable animals.” Seamus
O’Mahony One
of my earliest memories is my grandfather dying. Neither I, nor he for that
matter, were very old at the time; ...
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'The Apostle of Peace'; Henry Richard (1812-1888) Abney Park Cemetery
Lytton Strachey punctured the reputations of his ‘Eminent Victorians’ it is
impossible to accept at face value the assessments made on their distinguished
contemporaries by Victorian opinion makers.   Apparently bereft of anything resembling a flaw, o...
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