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The horrible murders, attempted suicides and frighful execution of William Bousfield
The 1856 Death
Register for Quarter 2 (April to June) unusually records the demise of no less
than 8 Bousfields, a surname one would have thought was reasonably rare.   The strong showing for such an uncommon
surname was triggered by no less than 5 unnatura...

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The Other Andrew Ducrow; Andrew Ducrow fils (1843-1863) Rangiriri Cemetery, North Island, New Zealand
on the Ducrow Mausoleum , on the same panel as his father (and below the famous
epitaph ‘Erected by a genius for the reception of his own remains’, generally read
as a piece of self aggrandisement by the deceased showman himself but almost

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The Colossus of Equestrians; Andrew Ducrow (1793-1842) Kensal Green Cemetery
WITH the
exception of Philip and John, the two Astleys, equestrian annals cannot, we
believe, furnish a finer instance of a more consummate horseman than the late
Mr Ducrow. Those who are familiar with the feats of this description , which
are recorded in a...

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Wearing Prince Albert's Ring; Queen Victoria and the Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens
Albert goes with the Queen to Windsor after the [wedding] ceremony?" "He'll
go further before morning." "How
so?" "Why,
he'll go in at Bushy, pass Virginia Water, on through Maidenhead, and leave
Staines behind." So
went one of the many jokes following...

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Splendour in the dust; David Roberts (1796-1864) West Norwood Cemetery
DAVID ROBERTS. On the afternoon of Friday last an elderly gentleman walking in
Berners Street fell down in fit of apoplexy. To the people who went to his
rescue he was able to utter only two words-Fitzroy Street; he never spoke
afterwards, and ...

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The devil and the book duster; the extraordinary London life of Mohammed Ali Khan (or perhaps Daood Mukranee) 1857-1863?
The Hanwell Asylum On
Wednesday the 12th February 1862 Mr G.S. Brent, deputy coroner for West
Middlesex opened an inquest at Hanwell Lunatic Asylum into the death of 37 year
old inmate Henry Todd. Todd, by occupation a book duster at the British Museum,

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The Hunterian Museum - Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln's Inn Fields
didn’t see the ‘Strictly No Photography’ signs until I was half way around the
Hunterian Museum. Honest. Until I spotted the sign I had been blatantly
clicking away, making no effort to disguise the camera or what I was doing.
Despite the CCTV cameras eve...

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Ale, Sodomy & the Noose; Sir John Gurney (1768–1845) St Pancras Old Churchyard
The chest tomb of Sir John
Gurney in St Pancras churchyard has its inscription turned towards the hedge
which surrounds it, as though somehow ashamed of the identity of its owner. As
well it might be , Sir
John was the man responsible for the execution of J...

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Dead Romantic – Til Death do us part. A Valentine's Day Special
there anywhere more romantic than a cemetery? The London Dead celebrate Valentines
Day by remembering the great love stories behind some of the city’s best
memorials and graves.    1. Emma Jones, died 1842. Kensal Green Cemetery Victorian
celebrity chef ...

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The Savage God - Al Alvarez (Bloomsbury £9.99)
The old Penguin edition - the latest Bloomsbury paperback has a rather uninteresting illustrationless blue cover  Al
Alvarez’s book on suicide ‘The Savage God’ had a profound personal impact on me
when I read it in the early 1980’s. The study was originally...
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