Because I can, I installed Ubuntu on my Chromebook using crouton. The desktop is xfce, which isn't my favourite, but it's really fast and takes me back to the days of old when I ran Linux full-time on an ancient PC.

This has reawakened my curiosity for different distros, so I've been running Debian in VirtualBox on my iMac, and playing around with live images of Fedora and Ubuntu (I'm not crazy about Ubuntu; I feel like the entire project has gone in a direction that isn't for me).

A lot of people have suggested that I try Mint, so I grabbed the iso for Mint 16, but I can not get it to run in a VirtualBox at all. (Well, that's not entirely accurate: once or twice I got it to load the desktop, but when I tried to install it nothing happened.) I looked online for tutorials on getting Mint to work with VirtualBox, but nothing solved my particular issue. Does anyone here have experience getting Mint 16 to work in the latest version of VirtualBox? I'm using the defaults with the Ubuntu64 settings.

I love just about everything about my Macbook Pro and my iMac, so I don't see myself going Linux full time again, but I really do love being able to explore tons of open source packages, and play with different kernel options, desktops, and all those things that I don't need to do, but still have fun doing, anyway.
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