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Paul Nosca
Worked at INDEPENDENT VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE for the breaching of Rodman (Kirkpatrick) Dam and the restoration of a free-flowing Ocklawaha River for the 56 stream miles from Silver Springs to the St. Johns River.
Attended United States Army (established 14 June 1775)
Lived in Tallahassee, FL


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Ocklawaha River, Florida: bass angler, canoeist, environmentalist, and outdoorsman.
"Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca, who strives for accuracy and honesty, worships zealously a more natural Ocklawaha River Valley that includes the restoration of the 56 river miles from Silver Springs to the St. Johns as a free-flowing stream. He is a member of NO environmental organization but volunteers his Ocklawaha experience, observations, research, and sources to groups that share his zeal for this old "crooked river". "Ocklawahaman" has fished, hunted, and explored the Florida outdoors since 1962. More of his outdoor time has been spent in the Ocklawaha River Basin than anywhere else.
"The 30 September 1968 completion of Rodman Dam caused the loss of 21 river miles of free-flowing riverine ecosystem. Florida's peninsula was blessed by the Creator with thousands of lakes but very few swift-flowing streams of any considerable length. The 'pre-Rodman Dam' 56-mile long 'Silver-Ocklawaha River' was unique in this state by virtue of having one of the world's greatest-flow 1st magnitude artesian spring groups (73 degree F Silver Springs) as its supreme headwaters with unimpeded access for fish and other aquatic life--located more than 50 miles above tidewater influence." - "Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca.
"Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca is an accomplished stream angler who has caught nine different varieties of bass plus three different species of cold-water trout along with many other fishes from the flowing freshwaters of several Southern states. Although he has fished many of the still-water canals, lakes, and ponds plus salty tidewaters that almost all other Florida fishermen are accustomed-to and greatly prefer; river bass angling in current is undeniably Paul's preferred pursuit. Paddling a canoe (or bank-walking and wading when advantageous), "Ocklawahaman" skillfully uses buzz-bait and spinner-bait lures almost exclusively while bass fishing moving freshwater. Motorized watercraft for "run and gun" fishing or other aquatic tomfoolery and plastic worms or live shiners for bait are not part of his personal angling ethic. "Ocklawahaman" practices a style of bass fishing on natural segments of streams that is ideally an aesthetically pleasing and "un-crowded" solemn quest for some of Nature's most game fishes; the great majority of bass caught to be released unharmed for future benefit. North-central Florida's swift-flowing Ocklawaha River is the home water of "Ocklawahaman"; it is where Paul Nosca first learned freshwater stream angling techniques and where he continues to employ them as often as possible--from his man-powered canoe.

"There are lake fishermen, and there are river fishermen, and seldom do the twain agree!" - Author unknown.

"When it's hot you can't get wet enough, and when it's wet you can't get dry enough!" - Author unknown (describing hot, humid, tropical/sub-tropical, thickly-forested "boonies" and jungles such as the Ocklawaha River Swamp).

"My words was straight, but my intentions was crooked as the Ocklawaha River." - Excerpted from The Yearling (1938) by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896-1953).

"A natural treasure is involved in the case of the Barge Canal--the Oklawaha River--a uniquely beautiful semi-tropical stream, one of a very few of its kind in the United States, which would be destroyed by construction of the Canal." - Excerpted from the 19 January 1971 statement (halting the Cross Florida Barge Canal project) by Richard Nixon (1913-1994), President of the United States (1969-1974).

"After a careful review of the Ocklawaha River/Rodman Reservoir issue, I am hereby directing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, in cooperation with the St Johns River Water Management District, to proceed immediately in applying for permits to restore the Ocklawaha River and in moving forward with a plan to begin an orderly and phased drawdown of the Rodman Reservoir." - Excerpted from the 16 June 1995 statement by Lawton Chiles (1930-1998), Governor of Florida (1991-1998).

"Whether I'm hunting in swamps, or fishing for bass, my canoe never uses foreign gas!" - "Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca.

Last updated 14 December 2011.

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ALL (or portions) OF THE FOLLOWING "Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca WRITINGS ARE AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE ("Google" search for them): "All-Time Top-25 Biggest/Heaviest Florida Largemouth Bass Ever Caught (Or Reportedly Caught) In Florida" plus the 3 fishery reports: "Largemouth Bass Of The Ocklawaha River, Florida"; Other Migratory Fish and Crustacean Species of the Ocklawaha River, Florida"; and "Striped Bass Of The Ocklawaha River, Florida"; along with "Manatees of the Ocklawaha River, Florida" and "The Ocklawaha River Information Page" plus many "RiverBassin" magazine fishing articles and forum posts.
  • United States Army (established 14 June 1775)
Basic Information
DATA PROCESSING (collection, consolidation, dissemination, documentation, observation, photography, publication, reporting, and research) of Ocklawaha River related ecology information including: fisheries, wildlife, trees/other plants, habitats, history, hydrology, geology, and physiography.
  • INDEPENDENT VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE for the breaching of Rodman (Kirkpatrick) Dam and the restoration of a free-flowing Ocklawaha River for the 56 stream miles from Silver Springs to the St. Johns River.
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