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On the the evening of February 19th from North America, Slooh will welcome in the Lunar New Year with a live show, celebrating the astronomy of this special day. Twitter users can ask questions via the hashtag #SloohLunarYear  

Starts: Thursday, February 19th
5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / 0100 UTC (2/20)
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Slooh will be providing both imagery and entertaining discussion surrounding two astronomical topics important to the Chinese Lunar New Year: the New Moon and the zodiac constellations. 

Says Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, "Before the modern era where the Moon is scarcely visible against city lights and irrelevant to our everyday lives, moonlight often made a life-or-death difference as to whether we dared venture out at night. Its importance was such, that calendars, seasons, and holidays like Easter revolved around lunar phases. At Slooh, we will celebrate this vestigial legacy of the Moon's importance by exploring the cultural, scientific, and mythological wonders of the New Moon."

The zodiac also play a fundamental role in this Chinese festival, and Slooh will highlight these constellations by showcasing live imagery of deep sky objects that lie within. This is also the point where astronomy buffs in the audience can test their knowledge of the night sky. With each deep sky object Paul Cox presents, Bob Berman will have 30 seconds to classify which zodiac constellation the object comes from. Slooh encourages viewers to play along and try to beat the clock with Bob!
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The night before the close approach of Asteroid 2004 BL86, Goldstone was observing the asteroid. Dr. Lance Benner of NASA was able to show us a video of these amazing images live on Slooh's show of the close approach. Here is a clip of that exciting moment. Also, you can still watch the entire live show on for the next 24 hours after the close approach. Don't miss it!
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Start anew with Slooh! Join us tomorrow for our special live broadcast of 2015's first New Moon. It's a bit early, so try and catch it before you head off to work or school!

When: Thursday, January 22nd
5:00 AM PST, 8:00 AM EST, 1300 UTC
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On the the evening of December 13th, under modest moonlight conditions, Slooh will capture the Geminid Meteor Shower using special visual and audio tracking equipment - giving viewers an incredible, real-time dual experience hunting shooting stars by both their visual streaks and ionization 'sounds.'

Starts Saturday, December 13th
5:00 PM PST / 8:00PM EST / 0100 UTC (12/14)

Viewers can hunt for meteors and listen to their sounds free on using their favorite PC or mobile device. The live broadcast will be accompanied by a multitude of video segments on meteors from different personalities, including Slooh Astronomer, Bob Berman, Slooh Host, Will Gater, and Slooh Producer, Eric Edelman. #SloohGeminids  

#TheGeminids   #geminidmeteorshower   #meteorshower  
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Slooh Members Tracking Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

On November 12th, 2014, Rosetta sent its lander, Philae, to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, in a magnificent feat of human technological prowess. In celebration of this achievement, Slooh members have been imaging this comet from the ground.

Watch the highlight:
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Slooh will capture the Leonid Meteor Shower with dynamic visuals and engaging audio -- giving viewers another unique way to experience the “shooting stars” by tracking their ionization “sounds.” Slooh provided an ionization track during the 2014 Perseid and Orionid Meteor Showers, and the feature was well received by the viewing public. #SloohLeonids  

Starts: Monday, November 17th
5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / 0100 UTC (11/18)
International Times:
Watch on

#Astronomy   #MeteorShower   #TheLeonids  
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I enjoyed listening to the sounds and saw four of them.  
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Everyone was buzzing about the day when Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy was closest to Earth, and Slooh wants to make a big deal about the comet at its closest to the Sun! We are looking forward to some incredible live views from our telescopes in the Canary Islands on the night of Lovejoy's perihelion, with a focus on how gosh darn fascinating that tail is getting. Ask us questions live on the air via twitter through the hashtag #SloohLovejoy  

Starts: Thursday, January 29th
2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST / 22:30 UTC

Says Slooh Astronomer Will Gater, “Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy has been putting on a spectacular show in our night skies with its ethereal tail and glowing coma. Slooh’s members have been watching it right from the early days after its discovery, capturing images of its evolution and development from a distant fuzzball to the beautiful comet we’re seeing today. Now, as it reaches perihelion, we’ll be looking back at the comet’s incredible journey so far and finding out what Slooh’s powerful telescopes are seeing right now.”
#CometLovejoy   #perihelion   #comets   #astronomy  
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+Slooh where's the gosh darn clicky link to take us to the proper place on your site to see it?? new machine and don't have any of my old links available :/
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Slooh and NASA are partnering up to watch Asteroid 2004 BL86 on the close approach! The image stream will be accompanied by discussions led by Slooh host Will Gater, Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, and special guests including Dr. Paul Chodas, manager of JPL’S Near-Earth Object Program Office, and Dr. Lance Benner, NASA Research Scientist. Viewers can follow updates on the show and ask questions to be answered live on air by using the Twitter hashtag #SloohBL86  

When: Monday, January 26th
8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 1600 UTC


On January 26th Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) 2004 BL86, discovered in 2004 by NASA collaboration project LINEAR, will pass closer to Earth than at any time since its discovery over 10 years ago at just 3.1 lunar distances, or approximately 740,000 miles away. Out of all the known NEAs, this one, at an estimated 1/2 of a kilometer in size, or approximately 5 American football fields, is the brightest we know of that will pass this close to Earth for the next twelve years. According to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Near-Earth Object (NEO) catalog, the next known asteroid of this brightness to pass within 3 lunar distances of Earth will be Asteroid 1999 AN10 on August 7th of 2027.
#Asteroid   #CloseApproach   #2004BL86   #NASA  
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If you enjoy Slooh shows, here is a chance to meet one of our incredible astronomers in person! Bob Berman will be at the Westport Library in Connecticut on December 21st to celebrate the December Solstice. You can get your tickets to attend the event here (, or you can always watch the coverage live at!

Sunday, December 21st
2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST / 22:30 UTC
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Slooh will broadcast the full moonrise live as it lifts off from Sedona, Arizona. This represents the first in a long line of new specialty LIVE shows launching for 2015 where Slooh will cover interesting celestial phenomenons from exotic locations on Earth.

Saturday, December 6th
5:45 PM PST / 8:45 PM EST /0145 UTC (12/7)

Longtime Slooh elite image partner, Matt Francis of Prescott Observatory in Arizona, will be onsite in Sedona using special imaging and communication equipment - providing a live feed of the full moon as it rises majestically above the horizon. Viewers can ask questions during the show by using hashtag #sedonamoon  

#fullmoon   #moonrise   #moon  
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The Rosetta spacecraft, designed and developed by the European Space Agency (ESA), along with special instruments from NASA, will make an ambitious attempt to land its 220 pound sidekick “Philae” on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This will be the first time ever a spacecraft has landed on a comet. Slooh will broadcast a free, real-time view of the comet after Philae attempts its landing, informing the public of the results as they reach Earth! Viewers can ask questions via the hashtag #SloohRosetta  

Wednesday, November 12th
Start time: 11:00 AM PST / 2:00PM EST / 1900 UTC
Watch live on

Says Slooh astronomer Bob Berman, “This is the most exciting spacecraft mission since Cassini reached Saturn a decade ago. Comet 67P is heading toward its encounter with the Sun next summer, and as it does so its ices will sublimate, pebbles and dust will be released -- some as dramatic geysers from the comet’s surface --, and now we have a spacecraft right there sending us pictures and videos of the whole thing. It’s unbelievable -- and this makes the attempted landing on its surface critically important, and nail-bitingly perilous.”

#67pchuryumovgerasimenko   #67p   #comet   #cometlanding   #esa   #rosetta   #rosettamission   #philae  
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+Frédéric Chognot
 Not as silly as you in believing in s lie, if you believe in that good for you i respect that so please respect mine... period! Bonjour!
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Robotic Space Cameras. Membership. Live Celestial Shows. Astronomy.

Slooh produces live, celestial event programming using patented imaging technology and world class observatories. We broadcast shows on a weekly basis to the general public where astronomers explain what you are seeing.

Members have the opportunity to take control of our 20" and 14" telescopes in the Canary Islands, where they can snap, share, and personalize their own space photos. Astronomy in real time and true color.

Since its founding, it has been SLOOH’s mission to promote scientific enlightenment. Sharing a view through a powerful telescope trained on the light of a distant world inspires people to celebrate their commonality and rethink the schema of life. Prepare to be humbled.

SLOOH aspires to restore mankind’s subliminal connection to the seasonal ebb and flow of the night sky. The average Mayan of 3000 years ago had a deeper affinity. Why? The light from our expanding cities has literally crowded out the view of space.

What have we been missing? A sense of order; the daily rise and set of neighboring planets and their moons, comets that zoom back into view after periodic absences. Perspective; the ancient light of distant spiral galaxies that remind one of our home here in the Milky Way. Discovery; stars that go bang in the night, to be witnessed from here on Earth, this one by astronomers at Cal Tech, et al., and the members of SLOOH.

SLOOH is powered by its members—men, women and children in 80 countries who have taken 1.3 million photos of 35,000 unique objects and events in the night sky since our launch on Christmas Day, 2003. We’ve shared the view as Mercury and Venus transited the Sun; during Solar and Lunar Eclipses, as an asteroid slammed into Jupiter and NASA crashed a space ship into the Moon. And now we’re sharing the view with our friends at Google. We’re pleased to announce a joint initiative with Google Sky to Map the Universe and co-promote live astronomy. All SLOOH member photos will now be integrated into Google Earth/Sky for the world to see, and SLOOH’s live missions will be featured as well. SLOOH also shares the view with schools throughout the world and your membership supports this educational outreach.

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