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World Diabetes Day
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Clinical #laboratoryautomation is growing in India, however, its impact on patient care is yet to be felt as only a small percentage of #laboratories are fully automated.

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REMI today is one of the largest manufacturers of Laboratory & Blood Bank instruments. REMI is the industry leader in manufacturing Laboratory/ #MagneticStirrers & #Centrifuges & Blood Bank refrigerators /freezers catering to over 50% of the total Indian market.

ASTM Test Methods
Color check of #Shampoo & #Conditioner
Drug Metabolism Studies
Filtration Method
Food Analyses
Gasoline Unsaturation Test
Paint & Pigment Analysis
#Pharmaceutical sample Analysis
Sewage & Sludge Treatment
Water Virus
Wine Test
Cell Homogenates
Separating Cellular components
Cell Lysates
Removing insoluble material
Cells Bacterial harvesting
Cells  Mammalian harvesting
Gel Recovery
Lipid removal
DNA / RNA Precipitates
Oligos Concentration
Protein & Peptide recovery
Tissue Homogenates
Clearing debris & large particles

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Remi products find application in wide sectors like #research #biotechnology #clinical etc

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Most important #laboratoryequipment the lab #centrifuge check out here to understand more about the operating principle of the #centrifuge for #separation.

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Powerful and easy-to-use #remi   #minicentrifuges   are small enough so that each workstation can be equipped with a personal #centrifuge.

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