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Hugo Royer
Graphic Designer. Marketing Guy. Roadie. Mustache aficionado. Fauxtographer. Overtly Geek.
Graphic Designer. Marketing Guy. Roadie. Mustache aficionado. Fauxtographer. Overtly Geek.

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Since I installed the "N" Developper Preview 3, I can't log back in to my account.
I tried logging in with Google and Facebook, but both fail and give "We had trouble signing into your account, please try again".

Does PB run on Android N, or will I need an updated version?

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Material Design en version imprimée. #MaterialDesign   #Android   #Google  

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We're adding a new theme pack to our Material family today! Say hello to Minimal Material Light, Minimal Material Dark, Material Orange, Material Pink and Material Phosphor Green, inspired by Google's Material Design. You can grab them individually or as a pack in the SwiftKey Store. Check them out on the blog: 

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Petit ajout à mon portfolio. Site web monté au printemps pour mes amis de Caravane.

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If you're having problemes sideloading the #Androi   #Lollipop  OTA update, try installing this.
I was getting "device not found" when I rebooted in recovery. Installed it and the problem was fixed.
Universal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Driver for Windows

My test matrix for Carbon and Tether includes several phones and several versions of Windows. Both apps require that the user has ADB installed on their PC to function.

For whatever reason, every phone manufacturer has their own adb driver, so I end up installing like 3-4 different drivers when I do my testing. It's a royal pain in the ass, and is also asking a lot of the end user of one of my apps to do this.

This driver should work on all Android phones for all versions of Windows. [1] It does not require that you turn on test signing or disable driver verification or even reboot. This is done by automatically installing ClockworkMod as a trusted certificate and publisher into the local machine's certificate store during the setup process.

Here's the installer file:

Here's the Github source code:

Thanks to an XDA thread for gathering the device/vendor ids:

Let me know how it works.

[1] On Windows 8, after downloading, choose "More Info" then "Run anyway".

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Le 2e extrait et clip de #ChienNoir des excellents Caravane est en primeur sur +Noisey!
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