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Marc-André Beauchamp
If Google is here, check if i'm near! (Google Ambassador)
If Google is here, check if i'm near! (Google Ambassador)

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Be a Local Guides

This is so simple.
Get started by opening +Google Maps on your mobile device or desktop. Tap the side menu then Your contributions to view all of the places you’ve visited. From there, you can leave reviews, view your past reviews and upload photos. Don’t forget you can tap your profile avatar to learn more about your current level and the points you’ve earned.

Once you’ve got the hang of writing reviews, find out how you can earn more points and level up by visiting our help center : .

Don't be shy to join our community by cliking on this link :

Sorry folks, due to a bad health problem, I was unable to publish or even manage my social account. I'm now back.

Publication will restart again on friday.
Thanks for your understanding!

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Winter is beautiful, here's one of the moment I've taken last month.
What's your's? :-)

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Meet your #GoogleAssistant now

Starting today, this amazing assistant, the version 2.0 of our beloved Google Now but with a touch of AI will be rolling over all phone running with Android Marshmallow operating system & the last one version, Android Nougat.

Are you happy about this long wait assistant? Share your thoughts with me and let discuss 😄

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Did you say "hello" to #GoogleAllo ?

What's that? This is an AI (Google Assistant) filled into a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. This also allow you to express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text.

Some awesome functions
--> A smart reply system that lets you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji responses based on your personality. For example, it learns if you're more of a “haha” or “lol” person so the more you use Google Allo, the more “you” the suggestions become.

--> The "Shout, or whisper" function that help you to add more meaning to your words by adjusting the size of your text. When you need more than ALL CAPS to get your point across, simply slide up to shout, and down to whisper.

--> The ability to turn any photo into a work of art by being creative with the photos you send by doodling on them or adding text. Draw a smiley face, turn your friends into memes, and mix in some color.

--> Add some stickers and do more...

This awesome app give you also access to the Google Assistant AI. Your Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out, right in your conversation. Find videos to share, get directions, and seek answers together with your friends. Just add @google, and your Assistant is ready to help.

Not conviced, go to this page or view the video to learn more :

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Google Spaces will be shut down April 17th

Spaces will be read-only on March 3rd.

Between now and April 17th, you can:

* See, save, print, and delete your content.

* Delete any spaces you created, leave any spaces you joined, and remove people from your spaces.

* Report abuse in Spaces, and block other Spaces users.

Google writes:

Our goal with Spaces was to create a better small-group sharing experience, and we’ll use what we’ve learned to improve other Google products and services. Thanks again for your support.

More in the Spaces Help Center

H/T +Peggy K​

Taking a break can be good sometimes.
I'll be back a few days folks with new posts ;-)

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My year of 2016 on +Google+

With more than 40 000 000 views on my profile since 2011, The fact that I joined the Google+ Create program, my educational and informal publications about Google products and their new things... 2016 was a strong year in interaction and publications.

Thanks again to my friends +Denis Labelle​​ & +Peggy K​​ for the inspiration, +Sophie Bonnet​ ​& her colleagues for the opportunity of the G+ create program and all of you for the time you're taking to read me every week. 😉

Have a nice 2017 year with a lot of health, pleasure and success.

(Thanks to my friend at +CircleCount​​ for this stats)

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Who are the Product Experts?

They are users who help their fellow users get the most out of +Google products. On both product forums and Help on Social program, they have helped an untold number of people by answering their questions.

For my part, I have been helping users of +Google products since 2013 on the help forums and I do not get tired of it. As soon as I have free time, I jump into action and try to answer questions.

Here's some testimonials of other experts...
I love being a product expert because i get to share magical experiences with everyone. - +Ian Tang
It's just the satisfaction of helping somebody. - +Russ Buchmann

Learn more about the +Google Top Contributor Program :
Join our amazing list of help forum to find an answer:!home
Find also an answer on our help center:

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GBoard for +Android​ is now out

Sending gif, maps information & search directly from your keyboard, this is no more a dream.

Learn more:
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