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Marc-André Beauchamp
If Google is here, check if i'm near! (Google Ambassador)
If Google is here, check if i'm near! (Google Ambassador)


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Be a Local Guides

This is so simple.
Get started by opening +Google Maps on your mobile device or desktop. Tap the side menu then Your contributions to view all of the places you’ve visited. From there, you can leave reviews, view your past reviews and upload photos. Don’t forget you can tap your profile avatar to learn more about your current level and the points you’ve earned.

Once you’ve got the hang of writing reviews, find out how you can earn more points and level up by visiting our help center : .

Don't be shy to join our community by cliking on this link :
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MAB, c’est qui?

My love for +Google is very old, it's a pretty strong relationship that started in 2009, when I was just navigating on +Google Maps to confront a friend who did not believe me that a certain street had a precise spelling! It was while navigating on this service of Google that I discovered a small notice, well hidden at the bottom of the window, that it was possible to contribute to Google Maps in order to improve the already very useful maps of Google Maps. This product was called, Google Map Maker.

The program was only open in the United States at that time, so I made a few changes to familiarize myself with the product, such as line corrections (streets and roads) in order to align them with the satellite image and give them a more real shape than this sheared they had. A few months later, finally, my country, Canada, opened to the modification, an opportunity that I did not miss! Week after week, in my spare time, I traveled the streets of my city to correct typography and its sometimes dubious forms, assign the right type of roads, connect them to each other ...

In the end, with the possibilities and options that were added over the months, I drew parking lots, added parks and historic sites, I even started to add a 2.5D effect to the buildings of the old part of my home city, Quebec City!

Months went by, features were added, there were wonderful meets through my contributions, talking with contributors from my city, my region, my country and sometimes even from around the world, since then, I sometimes jumped out of my comfort zone to contribute to the new countries that opened up, for example, France. Oh France, this country, magnificent and full of history! I met two of my best friends like this, my Congolese brother, +Noé Diakubama, french resident and my Moroccan brother, +Zohir EL IDRISSI who also is a French resident. With their friends, we launched and maintained until 2013, the French-speaking community of cartographers Google Maps, before it is officially integrated into the strategy of the US giant company. Over the years, I have been entrusted with several important roles, always in voluntary ways, such as those of moderator regional / national and up to that of advocate and Mentor for the Francophonie.

Still today, I participate in several programs related to the "GEO" world of Google, as for example, the +Google Local Guides program that allows you to add your opinions, comments and photos to nearby businesses that you visit and to those you discover during your travels! Recently, they even started to re-introduce old features that allowed me to strengthen the love I have for Google. Moreover, last year, I was even invited to their annual summit as thanks for my involvement over the years, a unique experience that allowed me to have the chance to meet unforgettable people again. Great people from Malaysia, Kenya, France, Japan, several European countries, Brazil ... I even had the chance to talk with the dean of the program, a septuagenarian called Ray Lewis.

This love for Google has also allowed me to join other programs, such as the "Google Product Experts" (+Google Top Contributor Program) which allows me, through various product forums, to help people solve their problems and find solutions for them. I developed a passion for training, which allowed me to develop some and sometimes even give it, physically to several people, sometimes a few dozen people at a time. This passion for helping, I discovered it with Google in 2013 and still today, it is very present. I now cover more than 7 Google products in my spare time, in French and English! I also developed a strong self-confidence. I'm fortunate enough, once again, to be invited for trainings and to party, once a year, by Google, at their offices.

Through its various programs, confidential, general public and etc. ... I discovered a passion, pleasure and friends, everywhere in the world!

Thank you from the bottom of the heart Google,
Marc-André Beauchamp.
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Finally back.
Looking to start posting again over Google+ :-)
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Thanks to all the rescuers who help those who was in need during this terrific year. I wish to all the people affected in this sad disasters and all the rescuers a wonderful 2018 year.

Thanks +Lindsey Stirling for this lovely shoutout. <3
Be a #AngelsOnEarth
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How to be
In 2017, the world asked “how.” Questions like how to join the military, how to run for office, how to make a protest sign, how to be a good parent, and how to be a firefighter were asked more than ever before. Explore the moments that shaped the year at

How to be proud, fearless, strong?
How to move forward?

How was your year in search? :)
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Statistics board for G+ Community

This is a long time requested features that users and professionals was asking for. We can now have an accurate statistics board for our community.

Please read the +Peggy K​ post for more information
New Google+ community metrics for Community Moderators and G Suite admins

Community owners and moderators can see membership and engagement statistics about their community using the new "Insights" tab. Click the "Manage" button in your Community to see the stats.

G Suite administrators have additional statistics: you can see all communities owned by members of your organization, sortable by metrics such as total members, active members, number of posts recently made, and more. You’ll also be able to see the community’s “Visibility,” indicating whether or not it’s restricted to your domain.

You can find the report your G Suite Admin console by going to Reports > Apps > Google+ > Communities report.

Via +Leo Deegan:

Learn more about the update on the +G Suite Updates blog:

Learn how to Moderate a Community in the +Google+ Help Center:
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Portrait mode explained

The test was made with Note 8, iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2 and a high end DSLR.

Thanks to MKBHD for this explanation 😉
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You all waited for it, and it's coming! Stay tuned and be ready on December 6th, because #RewindIsComing
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Santa just get his last minutes vacation days and had a visit at the museum.

Grab this application to get great time with your kids!
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I always said that being a +Google Local Guides​was awesome. There's the Julian's favorite places in Montreal, a fellow Local Guide from Quebec.
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