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Shoe Skogen
Wordwhore and Strangegirl on a Quest for Adventure: Tilting at Windmills and Playing with Fire
Wordwhore and Strangegirl on a Quest for Adventure: Tilting at Windmills and Playing with Fire

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If Peter Rabbit were told today I believe the sparrows would be a deus ex machina. In 1902 however, story telling was legit.

Peter gave himself up for lost, and shed big tears; but his sobs were overheard by some friendly sparrows, who flew to him in great excitement, and implored him to exert himself.

I'm going to run Trash Planet again! Probably this coming weekend. 

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Guys, this is serious. This is Pokemans. 
So, since +Shoe Skogen dragged me kicking and screaming back into the world of Pokemon cards... I've... acquired a lot of cards. Admittedly, most of them came from my stash back home in Massachusetts that I had to have my parents mail over... but still, I have a lot.

Anyways, there's something fun I've been wanting to do with them for some A CrowMn Review videos. I want to start doing a series on building theme decks... specifically decks of Pokemon cards themed around fighting game characters. Because, of course I do. Like, Dhalsim would be a Fire/Psychic deck... Laura, Fighting/Electricity... Gill, Fire/Water...

Still brainstorming ideas and wondering if any of you guys might have any suggestions or ideas. I know I only listed Street Fighter examples but themes can be from any fighting game or genre cousin (Beat'm Up / Character Action). What kind of deck would it be... any specific Pokemon that would HAVE to be in (like, a Ryu deck would HAVE TO have Lucario in it).

I'm just looking for basics. I'm still kind of a newbie when it comes to actual playing so, I'm not looking for any kind of hardcore pro-level planned decks. Maybe one day if I ever git gud.

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Miss you and love you all! 

*Thoughts on a Proper System for #Pushpins * (very rough)
- Be playable both tabletop and text. OR, more likely, have two iterations: one a tabletop, and then a simpler/more backstage/more streamlined version for online play. One way is for the online to be simpler, another if for it to be more on the gm side, like Erik has proposed. Another idea is a gmless (or control-swapping) version. Which would really be amazing for online play especially.
- Would want it to be faiiirly pick-up-and-go. Both because I lose patience with too much crunch, and for accessiblity. This isn't to say it can't have complex moving parts, just that they'd have to be fairly intuitive, or something that twines naturally with the fiction.
- I don't care much for disconnected mechanics, but I do love mechanics that are heavily entangled with the narrative. I also like rolls that do more than one thing at a time: not only determine pass/fail but also something about the style or substance of the attempt, the outcome, some quality of the outcome, natural fallout, consequences, etc etc.
- I love currency systems (fate points, etc), and the idea of bidding/risking when we really want something to go through. Pushing one's luck at the risk of further complication is also lovely.
- Quite important, to my mind, that characters shouldn't have to be balanced for the player experience to be balanced. In a world where teenaged girl detectives can hang out with elder yao gwai, it seems impossible that 'balancing' a character's power of influenced through allotment of points isn't even possible, much less desirable. At the same time, I think it's essential that both those players can feel they have equal agency, and narrative ownership, and the same mix of possibility and difficulty. In other words, they both matter.

I know a few characters that are me, but I am way more interested in what three fictional characters YOU guys think are me.

What is a nice SUPER SIMPLE superhero system? I could go with FAE but I kinda like the one +Joshua Macy ​made, too.

Also. Who wants to come be superheroes with me sometime this weekend? 

While Da and I were waiting for the train, I was telling him about some of the changes I was considering for Six-String. He seemed to like my ideas and even made some cool suggestions! That's awesome. It makes me want to totally reboot the system and remake it even better this time! Should I? 

I just want to be a badass in a very sharp suit, is that so much to ask?

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Everything I want.
The Pulp PI you didn't know you needed.
Myrna Loy 
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