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“Feel Grand” with Jane Seymour, is a series dedicated to providing help to seniors and aging adults. In this special Dr. Vijay Vad, MD, an expert in chronic pain and thought leader on back pain, provides strategies for managing chronic pain. His belief is that there is a need for people whose main focus is self-help. Providing people with clinically proven options that help strengthen their quality of life while minimizing the dependence on medical procedures and medications.

For your convenience we have included the link,, for you to view the episode.

Have you ever heard the words “sandwich generation?”  If you have chances are that these words describe you. Caregivers in this situation are caring for their own family and caring for their senior parents. According to the Alzheimer’s Association (2000), 5.75 million Americans are in the “Sandwich Generation” of caring for both children and parents, and women represent the majority of caregivers for family members. However, Sandwich Generation caregivers can equally to be men or women; among those, more women report being the primary source of care. As for age, 71% are aged 41-59, though nearly 20% are younger than age 40. There is also a growing trend away from Baby Boomers in the Sandwich Generation, and towards more Generation X-ers, as both groups age.   

This is not a new phenomenon, but is one of the contributing factors creating stress among families.  And with higher percentage of women in the workforce, than in previous generations, having to take care of another loved one contributes to additional burnout and stress.  Caregiver burnout is not unusual but for the sandwich generation, squeezed between demands of their own family and their parents, is even harder.  Even if the parents don’t live with their children, they may be needed for personal care, household or financial assistance, and/or running errands.

Is everyone in this situation walking around stressed, anxious, depressed and frightened? Many are, including myself.  So what can caregivers do to manage their time?  Below are some tips and can help with, relationship, and budget:

Hold family meetings: caregivers don’t have do this alone.  Split the responsibility among siblings and create an action plan so that everyone understand the expectations and what needs to be accomplished. 
Ask for professional assistance: resources such as Area Agency on Aging, local social workers, elder attorney, and your loved ones Primary Care Physician (PCP) can help you figure out the logistics of caring for children and senior parents at the same time. If you are the only child, The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 is a start. There are assistance programs, available in some states, that pay and provide services to people who are caring for elderly family members or disabled children may also be a step in the right direction
Take time to care for yourself: Caring for the caregiver is critical — staying healthy, eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest means you’ll be in a much better shape to care for your loved ones at home. But don’t be afraid to slow down, either. Hire a caregiver from a reputable home care agency to provide respite care.
Plan ahead with your kids: setting financial boundaries is key to managing a multigenerational household budget. For adult children make plans to contribute to a retirement plan and look into purchasing a long term care insurance policy is something that will help with emotional and financial strain for future care.
 July is Sandwich Generation Awareness Month, giving us an opportunity to honor the heroic caregivers whose labor of love shapes the future and honors our past. These heroes are not only the glue of families, but also play a crucial role in the function and stability of society as a whole. This special month presents an opportunity to recognize the significant sacrifice Sandwich Generation members have made and continue to make each day.  And don’t forget to give them a hug, it will go a long way!!

For further information please feel free to contact Right at Home San Fernando Valley at 424-238-0403.

I'm excited to announce that a new women's networking club will be starting on 6/17/18 and will be meeting in Chatsworth.  For more information please contact me.
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