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Interesting. Maybe you should change your identity to Knight Wise II
Good-bye Google Plus

A memo just popped up from Google telling me I will be disconnecting because Google knows my internet identity, George Fromtulsa, is not my real world legal name.

I have had fun here.  Google knows who I am.  But I'm so much the public face of my employer that my "real life" public identity is more "employer" than "me."  

Sharing my my somewhat eccentric (mostly tech) personal opinions on the 'net has been okay, but I can't do that when I might be presumed to be speaking for my employer.  Time to go dark.

I am glad I don't need anonymity to keep the secret police from my door.

HI everybody 

Potential dumb question 

On the Mac, you can go to preferences and choose the order of networks to log on to and otherwise manage your network (delete accounts that you are no longer using, order the networks that your Mac will look for). I have not found a similar functionality in IOS and I am wondering whether I am missing something? 

Last night, wife looked at a movie via iTunes rental. Wife remarked that were it not for me, she could not have rented the flick.

In fact, had to update the Apple TV, re-authorize it before doing th rental.

Have to agree with my wife that the iTunes Apple TV experience not seamless enough for most consumers. Still too geeky.

Google+ requires that you use your real name. Does this change your behaviour compared to other social networks (Twitter) where you can use a nom de plume (i.e., anonymous made-up name)
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