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Jessica Barst
Craftypants. Jewelry Designer / Instructor. DIY Beauty nut. Blogger. Culinary Adventurer.
Craftypants. Jewelry Designer / Instructor. DIY Beauty nut. Blogger. Culinary Adventurer.


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My latest tutorial at +JewelryTutorialHQ : How to Make Adjustable Wire Bangle Bracelets (the easiest and fastest way!)

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New video! DIY Cross Earrings - Christmas Craft

Check out this fun video tutorial and learn how to make a pair of beaded cross earrings. 

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I'll be chatting with +Marc Isaacson tomorrow at 2pm CST for his Udemy Weekly Inspiration for Success blab - I hope you'll join us! 

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Selling your course without being salesy

I got a question from a student the other day and decided to make a video response. I thought it would be a little out of place inside the course, so I decided to put it on YouTube. Plus, I figured if one person has this question, others might too, so why not share with the world?

You'll see - it's very subtle, but it works! I've already had a few $29 sales in 1.5 days from this super simple, non-salesy video. I'll consider that a success :)

Hope this gives you some ideas for creative ways to get students into your class!

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New online mini workshop! Learn to make this pretty wire link bracelet in under 30 minutes. Great for beginners!

Only a few FREE spots left - join now to nab one :)

#diyjewelry   #jewelrymaking   #artsandcrafts  
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I'd love some feedback on my course landing page if you don't mind. I have just redone it and added a lot of things, trying to hit on various emotional triggers as well as be more specific about the projects covered in the course. It seems really long to me but I also feel like it answers a lot of questions and potential objections.

I have a really hard time creating copy for 'solving my ideal client's problem' when I'm selling a course on jewelry making so I tried to frame it as an unfulfilled desire and I think that helped me get closer to the mark.

Please be brutally honest. What needs fixing, deleting, moving, adding, etc? Want to be able to CRUSH IT this holiday sales season :) Thanks!

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How to get perfect wire loops every time - great tips + a free video demo.

#jewelrymaking   #diyjewelry   #wirewrapping  
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Learn to make beautiful, professionally finished wire wrapped jewelry from a professional jewelry designer! Join here for 62% off (only $15):

In this course, I'll teach you the secrets to mastering wire wrapping techniques successfully before walking you through over 10 finished designs, step-by-step. By the end of this course, you'll have a jewelry box full of gorgeous handmade jewelry that you can wear, give as gifts, or even sell for PROFIT!

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Jewelry Making Quick Tip - Cord Knotting Double and Triple Knots

In this quick tip video I show you how to easily make double and triple knots.

If you're new to cord knotting, you might think all you have to do to make a double knot is to tie one knot right over another one, but it doesn't exactly work that way. If you try it, what you'll get is just two of the same size knots right next to each other, which won't help you if you're trying to make a larger knot to prevent a bead from slipping over.

Watch this quick video to see how easy cord knotting double and triple knots is!

#jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #artsandcrafts #diy
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Hi everyone, I realized I've never formally introduced myself though I've been in the group for awhile. 

I teach jewelry making on YouTube (just passed 30,000 subscribers, yay!) and published my first course on Udemy in February and it's going great so far. I still have a lot of work to do in the way of setting up sales funnels to bring in steady sales from my own promotions, which is exactly what I'm focusing on now before moving on to create my next jewelry making course.

My main struggle is this transitional period where I'm trying to shift from one business model to another - from making and selling jewelry (exchanging time for money) to the more scalable version, selling digital products that can be sold infinitely. I still need them both for income right now but the first one is holding me back from making faster progress in the second. Very frustrating!

I can tell you though, I know I'm on the right track. Comparing profitability of the two businesses - 40% profit from selling jewelry for the first 2 quarters so far this year compared to 80% with the other. BINGO! I'm confident I can increase that margin even more as I get the ball rolling to increase sales and add more courses.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, but I'm sure many of you can relate. I'd love to hear your success stories and even your frustrations. Many thanks to +Mark Timberlake  and +Philomena Timberlake  for creating and running this vibrant and helpful community. It's great to be here!
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