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ActiveLED® Lighting delivers significant energy savings, provides advanced illumination and reduces operational costs. All of our products are Made in the USA.
ActiveLED® Lighting delivers significant energy savings, provides advanced illumination and reduces operational costs. All of our products are Made in the USA.

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ActiveLED lighting brings many benefits such as providing consistent color temperatures "white light" that is gentle to the eyes and minimizes eye strain. ActiveLED Commercial Lighting eliminates the annoying "buzzing" noise that is common with florescent HID and HPS lighting. ActiveLED is UV-free meaning it does not fade art and photos and reduces heat emission generated by traditional lighting.


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We are always looking for new ActiveLED Certified Dealers to join our growing team. Email us at for info.

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Named one of the best colleges by Princeton Review & U.S. News and World Report, St. Edwards University is a private Catholic institution of higher learning. The university offers a liberal arts education and its campus is located on a hill overlooking the city of Austin, Texas.


It has always been a priority to university administration that students and faculty feel safe and secure on campus. This was a leading factor in their decision to keep their large parking garage well lit, 24 hours a day. This vigilance came with a financial burden, however, with the garage costing the university nearly $72,000 a year in energy costs. They decided that they needed a way to save energy costs without compromising the amount of light, and therefore, the safety and security of their students and faculty.


The university conducted a year long assessment of different LED and induction lighting fixtures. It was determined that the ActiveLED® Garage Canopy Light would be the best choice with its built-in ActiveREST™ Dimming Technology, motion sensors, IR programmability, and 10 Year, No-Light-Loss Warranty.

ActiveLED® delivered 287 of their 52 Watt, Garage Canopy Lights. The lights were set to dim to a level of 50 when no one is present, and to instantly raise to 100% for 15 minutes once motion is detected. At their dim level the fixtures use only 8.32 Watts, but are still bright enough for the security cameras.


The university is now saving $57,000 per year with an estimated $7,000 in additional savings from the fixtures dimming when no one is present. It is also estimated that with the 10 Year Warranty, the university will also significantly save maintenance costs associated in replacing over 900 lamps over the ensuing decade.

“Our garage users have commented on how they love the improved light quality,” said Mike Peterson, Associate Vice President of Facilities. “We have a lot of evening classes for adults. The lights seem to fill the parking structure with natural daylight, making it a very pleasant experience. It’s a nice effect to have along with the massive energy and maintenance savings.”

Go to: or call Toll Free 888-288-9080 for information on hot become an ActiveLED certified dealer.

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Lighting is an essential way to showcase your business & accentuate the vibrant metallic & tri-coat colors of your automobiles.

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Mike Koleber Owner and Head Coach of Nitro Swimming explains the benefits of ActiveLED Lighting:

"There's also a benefit on the energy of the people, it brings a better energy, the lighting itself it lights up this place and people feel differently under LED's"

Let us bring that energy to your indoor Pool, office or warehouse the ActiveLED difference is real.

Experience Performance, Experience ActiveLED.

Call Toll Free 888-288-9080 and go to

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The ActiveLED® Classic "Town & Country" Retrofit for GE Post-Top provides an updated solution for the classic "Town & Country" Post-Top exterior light fixtures with an energy efficient, high performance LED retrofit.

Municipalities, universities and colleges use Vintage style lamplights for roadways, sidewalks and public spaces in historical and residential neighborhoods. Typically, these lights have large acrylic or glass globes and cast aluminum bases that conceal 125-175 Watt Metal Halide light bulbs and electronics that need frequent replacement.

The GE Post-Top can be retrofitted with the low-wattage ActiveLED® light and still have the same “old town” characteristics. The only difference in its appearance is a better quality light, helping to improve the safety and value of its surroundings.

The ActiveLED® Classic "Town & Country" Light Retrofit meets many municipalities’ latest sustainability mandates for reducing energy usage. For applications where lower light levels would be appropriate during periods of inactivity, the retrofitted GE Town & Country lamplight can be configured with a digital dimmer and motion sensor.

The innovative design of the ActiveLED® "Town & Country" Retrofit is fully dark sky compliant and delivers the maximum possible light to the surrounding public space while eliminating light trespass to adjacent properties.

For more information go to:

Or Call Toll Free 888-288-9080 for information on other Retrofits and Products.


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The ActiveLED® "Pachanga" Retrofit provides a 21st century solution for Moldcast MDL Wall or Ceiling Mount exterior light fixtures with an energy efficient, high performance 8 or 14 Watt LED retrofit engine.

The U.S.-manufactured ActiveLED® Pachanga Retrofit is an innovative, self-contained LED light engine designed to easily replace the inefficient, high-wattage light bulb assembly in most existing Moldcast MDL wall or ceiling-mount fixtures, providing energy savings of 50-80 percent.

The ActiveLED® "Pachanga" Retrofit for Moldcast MDL Wall-Mount Luminaires - 8 or 14 Watt Retrofit replaces up to 100 Watt Metal Halide or 32 Watt Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

Public and private parking structures in business and residential neighborhoods, municipalities, universities and colleges use Lithonia Gateway style luminaires for sidewalks, walkways and public spaces. The Moldcast MDL fixture is approximately 11" by 12" and can be recessed, surface or ceiling mounted fixture. It has a die-cast aluminum housing and bezel designed to endure extreme environmental conditions and physical abuse and typically have either Metal Halide, HPS or compact fluorescent bulbs and ballasts that need regular maintenance.


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The ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit (IGR) for LSI Greenlee 9.5" and 13.0" In-Ground Buckets - 16 Watt ActiveLED® engine replaces up to 150 Watt HID bulb technology

The IGR provides a 21st century solution for in-ground spotlights with an energy efficient, high performance ActiveLED® retrofit with 16 Watt of LEDs.

The U.S.-manufactured ActiveLED® In-Ground Retrofit is an innovative, self-contained and factory-sealed LED light engine designed to easily replace the inefficient, high-wattage light bulb assembly in most existing LSI Greenlee 9.5" and 13.0" in-ground buckets, providing energy savings of 50-89 percent.

For more information go to and see our array of Retrofit products:

To become an ActiveLED® Certified Dealer call 888-288-9080

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Your choice of lighting can have a significant impact on the operational costs of your building. When deciding on the most efficient choice of lighting, on a small or large scale, internal or external use, it's important to consider all factors that contribute to the total cost of your lighting:

•Initial capital cost of the light
•Energy (electricity) costs
•Cost of replacement (of bulb or fixture)
•Amount of lights needed to achieve the required illumination
•Short-term maintenance costs i.e. cleaning, minor malfunction or damage due to shock, weather or frequent switching on and off
•Long-term maintenance costs i.e. time spent replacing bulbs, re-ordering stock and recycling
•Re-cycling cost for safely disposing of hazardous materials

Let ActiveLED help. Contact us for information on how we can lower your monthly bills and bring quality and performance driven LED lighting into your building.


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In todays ever changing financial and technological markets, it’s not uncommon for a property owner to state that they like their existing lighting fixtures for aesthetic, historical, or vintage reasons, but not for their light output, energy costs, or maintenance schedule.

ActiveLED® specializes in creating Custom LED Retrofit Kits for existing fixtures. With a matching or better light output, LED technology that can save up to 90% in energy costs, and a 10 Year, No-Light-Loss Warranty, property owners can keep the fixtures they like and enjoy the benefits from state-of-the-art LED technology as well.


All that is required for a custom design is to send us a physical sample of one of the fixtures to be retrofitted. Our talented team of engineers will study the fixture and design a Custom LED Retrofit Kit. Once the design has been approved for quality and suitability for our 10 Year, No-Light-Loss Warranty, a sample of the retrofit will be manufactured and sent out for installation and approval.

A Custom LED Retrofit Kit is comprised of the highest quality LEDs, a heatsink assembly and a light engine that includes the LED driver and surge suppression. Most designs are field installable, making for a simple, powerful fixture upgrade.

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