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So the Lumina 900 is rumored to arrive in March. I wonder if its good enough to lure me away from my Titan? Or maybe I should wait till Q4 for the Apollo windows phones... hmm

Finally, iPad support from the G+ app. So far, so good

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K Drew, you're the best Michael Jackson impersonator to come in a while...

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think i'll purchase these to honor all my police officer friends. proceeds also go to a good cause. plus, who doesn't want a 1:64 scale of the Ford Panther platform?

Yes, I did just watch Bar Rescue on SpikeTV instead of the TG USA episode....

when squirrels are seen planking on the shaded sidewalk just to cool off, its hot. Damn hot.

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oh great...
threat of 2 inch hail till 3am.

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perfect for this heat dome Chicago is under...
Kreo - burn for you (cop 4 club remix)

dang meng... not a fan of telephone hold music
thanks to the smooth musax rendition of Britney Spears' - Oops, I did it again -- I have it stuck in my head!
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