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I've been a regular lurker on the Baby Centre Australia forums since I was pregnant. Of course one of my favourite groups on their site is baby names because it can be a great source of inspiration. When I recently saw this little name being considered I wa...

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I have looked at many, many lists of Halloween and "spooky, scary" type name lists and I have to say I'm surprised I haven't come across this one on any lists! You see plenty of word names such as Shadow, Shade, Raven, Tempest, Thorn and more, but no Gore. ...

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Australian Actress Sarah Snook, who plays Jessabelle in the movie ' Jessabelle ' I did have a different post in mind but then I realised that - lo and
behold – it’s October already! And the tradition here at Baby Name Pondering is
that only names with a Hal...

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This gem is partly inspired by a kick-ass Australian guitarist, and partly by my husband. In that he saw a television interview with Richie Sambora about a new project with his girlfriend Orianthi, and thought I'd really like her name but either mis-heard i...

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Jolly Holiday Names
I was recently watching ' Mary Poppins ' for the first time in years, thoroughly enjoying all of the fantastic songs I loved so much as a child. My mum had a book with the music from the movie, and I remember reading it eagerly, trying to remember the words...

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There are plenty of name lovers out there who are probably shuddering a little at this one. It looks invented; it looks like a creative spelling. And maybe it is. But I saw this one on TV recently (it was the name of a real estate agent on the show ' House ...

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I found this one when watching ' Ellen ' the other day. As Ellen often does, she was surprising a deserving viewer with a present after a woman's daughter - named Oviri - had written to Ellen. It struck me as an exotic sounding (pronounced oh-VEER-ee) and q...

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Photo courtesy of Sandra Bianco Photography West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle was in the headlines this week for announcing that he had named his new baby daughter Blush. The reason this has caused such a stir is two fold. Firstly, there is the name itself....

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Friendly Happ-"BY" Names
There are a few names ending in BY that I quite like, so I thought I'd make a list of them. I found there's actually quite a few more names ending in BY than I realised! And I also found that they seem to fall mainly into one of two different categories. Th...

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Alton Brown hosting Cutthroat Kitchen , courtesy of Food Network A few months ago we started getting a new free-to-air TV channel from SBS called Food Network . From what I can tell, much of it's content is from the American cable channel of the same name, ...
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