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Helene DeLillo
Creating and Producing Content • Photographer • Technology Evangelist
Creating and Producing Content • Photographer • Technology Evangelist
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Sharing my client's success... love the attitude of hard work pays off!!!
 (ps I shot the cover for "Think Big Act Bigger")

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Respect it we live here !!!! Celebrating Earth Day 2017! Learn Earth Day tips with today's #GoogleDoodle!

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love this buildings glass ceiling :D
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I watched this documentary online a few months ago... It touched me deeply as it is about Awakening Elder Souls with illnesses where they seem to disappear... I forwarded the link to a few friends whose parents are suffering & so are my friends families in hopes it might might let them know they aren't alone.
Monday I happened to be be working on-location and I smiled at a man & we started to talk. It turns out he is one of the men who made the movies & is driving this movement. I am so inspired and grateful to my angels for this "coincidence". I insist you watch #aliveinside. Help keep are elders alive they have everything to teach us in this society where compassion & empathy seem to be disappearing.

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can't wait to see this :D

Super excited new studio opening soon!!!! whooo hooo

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I think I am heading to Morocco .... 

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Headshot & portrait photography ... booking discounted rates to share my thanks for current studio support over last 6 years ... leaving soon before new year ... So book me/ us while you can... at nyc location until dec. Call 212-966-0580
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Creating and Producing Digital Content • Photographer •  Technology Evangelist - grateful for the work !!! giving thanks by doing service.

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