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Lord Sri Sri ReverendKhan Jane Rakali
Lives in the old farmhouse up the lane, Australia
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Count the costs of the stupid "war on drugs." This is probably worth resharing once a month or so. Count the costs is a global drug law reform campaign.
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Photo by +Colin Reed during the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse. I'm drooling.

For some reason, I'm more drawn to Spica in this photo, rather than the Moon. Or, maybe it is the contrast between the two of them. Either way, sheeeeesh.
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+Lord Sri Sri ReverendKhan Jane Rakali Yes, it's at its closest point to the Earth right now.
Full moon lunar eclipse tonight. I'd give my left nut for some mushies.
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Get him to send me a postcard
Have them in circles
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This is seriously disappointing. Given the myriad legitimate medical uses for cannabis and the amount of money being syphoned out of communities to pay for prisons, you'd think they'd have more sense. Unless Mark bloody Scott has them sucking up to Murdoch again. In the 21st fucking century. head:desk
With real life stories and stunning visual effects, this new series looks at the darker side of three commonly used recreational drugs.

In the first episode, meet cannabis addicts and discover how this drug takes over the inner workings of the brain.

Tonight from 9.30pm on ABC2.

ABC2 |
Love Matt Taibbi.

h/t +Xeno Phrenia 
The American Justice System ????
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Yoga art. Awesome.
AHE interviews the assistant curator of Himalayan Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco about their new exhibits: Yoga: The Art of Transformation and Enter the Mandala: Cosmic Centers and Mental Maps of Himalayan Buddhism.

"The first illustrated handbook of many complex yoga postures comes not from the earliest historical strata of the tradition, c. 300 BCE, but rather from the 16th-century CE. Moreover, this handbook, called the Ocean of Life, was translated from Sanskrit into Persian by a Sufi scholar (an adherent of mystical Islam)."
Yoga is practiced daily by millions worldwide, but few are cognizant of its origins and relative importance to Indian culture and identity. Although its history is long and complex, yoga reflects the(...)
Dirty dozen.
Who are Australia's most influential climate change deniers? Here's part one of the list of Clive Hamilton's Dirty Dozen:
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The show's called "Australia All Over"  it's on ABC Local Radio every Sunday morning,  I suppose it goes National  as he gets callers from all over Australia  and he travels around doing live shows.   
Starts at about 5 am UTC. Might have to get out and have a look. Moon rise is about ten to six for those on Australia's east coast.
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We had a fantastic view. The moon, mars and spica. One of the bonuses to living out here. No water, no sewage, no gas, no mail but damn the view of the night sky is incredible!
Hubble. Sharpless star forming region. h/t +Ole Olson 
Hubble's Celestial Snow Angel

The star forming region known as Sharpless 2-106 is a beautiful nebula of gas being shot out away from the center area where a new star is being born. 

We've released a new video at +Deep Astronomy, where +Tony Darnell beautifully narrates the science behind the beautiful imagery from +Hubble Space Telescope and Subaru Telescope. 

Watch it here: The Star-Forming Region Sharpless 2-106: Infinite Minute #11

#ScienceEveryday   #Space   #Astronomy   #Hubble   #Stars   #Nebula   #YouTube  
Have them in circles
10,781 people
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Socio-political analysis.
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I won't promise to be nice but I do try to be interesting.
*At present there's a lot of titles in the name, since King 5265617 decreed a reinstatement of titles in Australia. He's a tool. Rupert Murdoch is a tool. I loathe and despise religious politics. 

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, greenie, gardener. 

Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.

Feral progressive. Often 18+ Viewer discretion is advised.

I'm Queer androgynous, so feel free to use the non-gender specific pronouns, sie and hir. 

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Made the Baby Baphomet with six occult penises amigurumi.
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the old farmhouse up the lane, Australia