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Narelle Clark
Roving, occasionally philosophical geek.
Roving, occasionally philosophical geek.

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we are entering what may be the final stages of the compilation of the proposal for a post-US government stewardship of the IANA functions.

Like the numbering and protocol parameters groups before them, the names community are in the final phases of compiling a proposal for that final piece of IANA. Their proposal has gone out for public comment, see:

I therefore encourage you to participate in this community exercise.

A huge thank you must go to everyone who participated in the proposal development for the numbers community (via the CRISP team from the RIRs) and the protocol parameters community (via ianaplan from the IETF). Those proposals are comprehensive indeed:

Numbers, ie RIR:
Protocols, ie IETF:

We will be moving into the final phase soon, so I will need people's thoughts on the overall system proposal: is it appropriate?
Have the processes been rigorous and dealt with issues raised within standing community processes?
Are the proposals consistent with each other?
Will they work together?

Is anything missing?

Best regards



Narelle Clark
ISOC nominee to the IANA Coordination Group

Immediate Past President and Board Member
Internet Society of Australia
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An interesting and elegant framework here. Not sure how close it is to the emerging formal standards frameworks, but it is one of the best representations of the #internet #internetofthings landscape I have seen.

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And the "other" harbour bridge in #Sydney. Truly a glorious night and lovely ride out from the city last night.

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Been a few years since this was my regular #commute and it's just as #gorgeous as ever. Had a quick nod to the #traditional #dancers at the Quay and now floating home. Best way to get to work ever!

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ha ha xkcd and tech support... #geekhumor

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Who says we can't see technology changes coming? #innovation   #technology   #gadgets  
In a presentation, Today’s Gadgets & Emerging Technology Innovations given 4/1/15 to the IEEE Computer Society Phoenix, Mark Goldstein, International Research Center ( showcased the latest and greatest new tech gadgets for business effectiveness, personal productivity, improving quality of living, and just plain fun.

He shared a forward-looking view of emerging technology innovations and analysis of what they portent for information technology professionals, evolving market opportunities, and society at large from the present on into our future. Contemporary science fiction and that of the past often influences and anticipates the technological advances we see today and what we hope and fear for tomorrow. View/download on SlideShare at and share a rollicking ride through the technology roller coaster of our times. 

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Today’s the day! Beams circulate in the LHC for 1st time in 2 years. Follow the action here ‪#‎RestartLHC‬

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My family always marks this day, even if it isn't our way in Australia to write the date! Mind you we could celebrate it again on the 31st of April... :-) #pi #nerd #happiness  
If you write the date in the month/ date/ year format, mark your calendars for a once-in-a-century Pi Day and Pi Second on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Find out what makes it so special here:

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Hideously prevalent!
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